Rob Dix is a property investor, founder of, and co presenter of the Property Podcast He can t tell you how to make millions from property, because he hasn t yet He has, however, spent hundreds of hours talking to successful investors, reading endlessly, and synthesising it all into the book he wishes he d had when he was starting out.

8 thoughts on “ Property Investment for Beginners

  1. Naeem A. Naeem A. says:

    For anybody looking to get into investing in property, I would highly recommend this book Not only is all of the information up to date with current property legislation in the UK It is written by a very credible Author Rob Dix, who is the co founder of the property podcast and the property hub which I listen to and visit religiously So as Rob Dix summarises at the end of this book, what are you waiting for Pull the Trigger Invest in yourself and knowledge on property investing by purchasing this book.

  2. Carol Lovatt Carol Lovatt says:

    This book was very easy to read and understand As a novice looking at investing in property this book gave me what I needed The extra resources at the end will help me to develop my knowledge further.

  3. Noon Noon says:

    Excellent and informative How anyone can fail to appreciate the depth and time spent on putting all this information under one roof for the delectation of the novices among us is beyond me A rare treat I enjoy the humour, it s refreshing and takes the heat off of the serious business of the bottom lineactually buying and maintaining a property Whichever route you decide to take it will always be a huge committment, on so many levels, therefore, why not have as much fun as you can Robs book is an invaluable resource and has helped me immeasurably I think I ll take him out for lunch and pick his brains further, at some point Thank you Rob

  4. Mr. R. Malhotra Mr. R. Malhotra says:

    Rob Did done it again He has given a real, practical guide for Property Investment for Beginners He doesn t promise instant property millionaire status Remember building wealth from Property Investment is a long term basis just ask the professional s He just gives an honest and refreshing insight into this exciting industry Whether you want to start part time whilst working full time or if you are looking to supplement or even replace your pension, or even if you always found property investment fascinating and you would really like to get involved Buy this book I will be buying all of his books now In fact I bought the other 2 as well Highly recommended Once again JUST BUY IT Its a real investment

  5. John Bolton John Bolton says:

    So many books on this subject are dry and difficult to get into Property Investment for Beginners is accessible and perfectly pitched as a book for the inexperienced In the introduction, the author states that his intention is to have written book that is clear, honest and fun to read And he has succeeded hugely In addition to a series of informal but informative chapters, the author offers a number of possible avenues for further reading, including additional materials from the author In short, it s good value for money, offering a useful way in to a complicated subject, with the possibility for future support beyond the confines of the covers A good buy.

  6. Anon Anon says:

    If, like me, you are considering property as an investment but really don t know the basics, this little book is a great place to start It covers the primary principles including equity, leverage, strategy and goal setting and does so with lightness and humour This book switched a few lightbulbs on for me and since finishing it I ve actually read it twice and refer back to various sections every now and then I have clearly defined my goals and strategy and for the first time can see how property investment could be for me and not just other people If you are already familiar with the basic concepts, including goal setting and selecting your ideal tenant group, then you may not find anything new in here as the title suggests it is a For Beginners guide The book makes provides other good sources of information and gives access to some spreadsheets that do some of the essential number crunching you ll need to do if considering investing in property The advice is practical and easy to understand The author, Rob Dix, comes across as a regular guy who has, through property, been able to create a degree of financial freedom for himself and and appeared happy to respond to an email question I had which you definitely wouldn t get with every author Since reading the book I ve also become a regular visitor to his website to supplement the material in the book I am happy to recommend this book.

  7. Customer Customer says:

    Great book for all people interested or involved in property investing Thanks very much Property Geek Looking forward to reading of your books

  8. sram sram says:

    I bought this book as someone considering an investment property The reviews were good and the sample chapter had me hooked The writing style is relaxed and easy to follow It was like listening to someone tell a story down the pub I m not the world s fastest reader but I devoured the book in a couple of hours, something unheard of for me My only real gripe is that it s now over I wish the author had written as I think he has a real talent for keeping the reader interested I look forward to tracking down his blog and other online resources.