Imagine being ayear old girl in love with boys, school, family life itself Then suddenly, in a matter of hours, your life is shattered by the arrival of a foreign army You can no longer attend school, have possessions, talk to your neighbors One day your family has to leave your house behind and move into a crowded ghetto, where you lose all privacy and there isn t enough food to eat Still you manage, somehow, to adjust But there is much, much worse to come This is the memoir of Elli Friedmann, who wasyears old in March , when the Nazis invaded Hungary It describes her descent into the hell of Auschwitz, a concentration camp where, because of her golden braids, she was selected for work instead of extermination In intimate, excruciating details she recounts what it was like to be one of the few teenage camp inmates, and the tiny but miraculous twists of fate that helped her survive against all odds I Have Lived a Thousand Years is a searing story of cruelty and suffering, but at the same time it is a story of hope, faith, perseverance, and love It will make you see the world in a new way and it will make you want to change what you see

14 thoughts on “I Have Lived a Thousand Years: Growing Up in the Holocaust (Audio Download): Livia Bitton-Jackson, Christine Williams, Blackstone Audio, Inc.: Audible Audiobooks

  1. J.I.S. J.I.S. says:

    I have read several books about the holocaust and this one really stands out Written for a younger market, the book has the maturity borne out by the title and the simple, frank style makes it all the powerful Her descriptions of the small events and blind chance that influenced the survival of all are heart aching There are also useful appendices listing the main events of the war and explaining the language used in the book, which would make it very accessible for anyone without background knowledge of WW2.

  2. Unknown Unknown says:

    Growing up in Germany and ging to an Anne Frank Realschule, you geht the holocaust overkill But nothing like this It is truely touching, real and alive, sometimes really brutal in the description of it s glimps of the truth and yet it doesn t blame the whole of a people, nor tries to render the other as innocent.

  3. Dsach Dsach says:

    The author s lucid narration of the ghastly ordeal she, and millions of other jews, endured at the hands of Nazi Germany stirs the imagination and instantly forges a connection with the reader The vivid recollection of the extreme brutalities inflicted on hapless children, women and the elderly makes one shudder The author s bond with her family, especially her mother during her time at Auschwitz Concentration Camp, as described in the book, is quite moving and compels one to think what priority he she accords to his her family, or to human beings in general Prayers for all the victims, and their dear ones, of the concentration camps.

  4. Harmony Ackerson Harmony Ackerson says:

    I loved this book.Although it could be read in a day, it was great I would recommend to anyone who loves to read about the ww2 and the Holocaust.The diary of Anne Frank is kind of similar to this story, I enjoyed Anne Frank s novel journal better but this one was a great read and I would surely read again.

  5. Jordi R. Jordi R. says:

    Recomiendo su lectura para conocer con detalle lo que tuvieron que pasar miles de personas durante la guerra El libro no es muy largo unas 220 p ginas y tiene un ingl s bastante asequible Est narrado de manera my din mica y no aburre en ning n momento.

  6. Valerie Price Valerie Price says:

    Very wow, very raw, she actually lived through it

  7. Granny sparkle Granny sparkle says:

    This is the book I bought my teenage Granddaughter She loved it and learned a great deal of history as a result A nice change from vampire books This is reality Lessons to be remembered.

  8. B.A. Lapointe B.A. Lapointe says:

    It s hard to read things like this from back in the war, but little gal really was something to read and follow her life.

  9. helen mclennan helen mclennan says:

    it was okay a bit boring but kept me interested so sad for the people it happened to.

  10. Canada3939 Canada3939 says:

    I enjoyed this book It continues to amaze me the evil that exists in the world and yet this woman somehow found the inner strength to face each day.

  11. Barbara A Darlng Barbara A Darlng says:

    Hard to read at times but an excellent book well written and honest.

  12. NarcoD NarcoD says:

    Interesting book.

  13. Chahat Chahat says:

    It s an amazing book, the story is a roller coaster of emotions.

  14. Shannon Shannon says:

    Excellent book Hard to put down Very sad, very real.