A sequel to A TIME TO KILLHe will make them payJake Brigance has never met Seth Hubbard, or even heard of him, until the old mans suicide note names him attorney for his estate The will is dynamite Seth has left ninety per cent of his vast, secret fortune to his housemaidThe vultures are circling even before the body is cold the only subject incendiary than money in Ford County is race, and this case has both the relatives contest the will, and unscrupulous lawyers hasten to benefit, Jake searches for answers to the many questions left by Seth Hubbards death What made him write that last minute will leaving everything to a poor black woman named Lettie Lang Why did he choose to kill himself on the desolate piece of land known as Syca Row And what was it that Seth and his brother witnessed as children that, in his words, no human should ever see Praise for SYCAMORE ROWA gripping read Literary ReviewA fantastic book STAR reader reviewJust as good as A Time To Kill an excellent climax STAR reader reviewGrisham at his best STAR reader review

10 thoughts on “Sycamore Row

  1. Bobbie Bobbie says:

    In fictional Ford County, Mississippi, an rich old white man leaves his millions to his black housekeeper and appoints Jake Brigance as his attorney for the inevitable contest by his relatives My first Grisham, recommended to me by the lawyer who represented the friends of someone I knew against the counterclaims of her two cousins I was left only a small memento, not contested, so stood on the fringes I ve enjoyed this, despite its length 512 pages , over a couple of weeks when I ve been scared and in pain and would have thrown many books aside It engrossed me and distracted me in the small hours My brain isn t working well, so I ll simply quote the Guardian review, with which I agree A solid courtroom thriller with plenty to say about the long half life of prejudice in the Deep South the much trailed conclusion is powerful Yes, I could see it coming, but it still packed a punch.

  2. Lisa G Lisa G says:

    Excellent Grisham book that kept me turning the pages This story features Jake Brigance being hired to represent a dour business man s will after he commits suicide The story is based in the deep South where racial prejudice in this book is alive and well and takes the reader through the complexities and sensitivities relating to attitudes to blacks and where whites view themselves in relation to this There is a battle at hand and an ethical and moral story to be told as well as a few twists and turns along the way I liked the fact it made me question some things and contemplate what life is like for others it made me angry at times, amused, sad and also happy Overall a fantastic book

  3. Louise Louise says:

    I found A Time to Kill a really moving and powerful read When I started Syca Row, I wondered if Grisham was going to deliver on the expectations of a sequel to his first ever novel and I am very pleased to say that I was not disappointed.Whilst Syca Row focuses on an entirely different area of law to its predecessor, it was nevertheless intriguing and gripping, particularly the last eight or so chapters Throughout the whole novel I had two burning questions why did Seth write the will in the way he did And what did he and his brother see that no person should ever have to see Thankfully, these questions are answered by the end of the book, but perhaps not in the way that you might call predictable Although there is a lot of narrative dedicated to the trial and what each lawyer says, I like this because I can visualise so clearly what is happening, as if I am actually sitting in the public gallery witnessing everything that takes place.Syca Row may be slow but its plot is centered around an intriguing incident that keeps you asking why until the final chapters I would recommend this novel to those who like a slow burning legal thriller that surprises you with its conclusion and leaves you satisfied.

  4. HazzaS HazzaS says:

    Wow The longest book I ve ever read, or does it just seem like that Want to know what everybody within 20 miles is thinking This is the book for you If there is a plot apart from that set out at the very beginning I don t know what it is It staggers on for ages and ages, filling you in in enormous detail about everything you don t want to know and that has nothing to do with whatever the plot is After hours and hours I gave up, not even half way through So, in short, boring.

  5. Brenda Young Brenda Young says:

    They say Where there s a Will there s a relative Seth Hubbard s Will is no exception What is exceptional and totally unexpected is the size of the estate, most of which he d bequeathed to his black servant of three years Certainly she d cared for him selflessly in the final months of his terminal illness, but surely there must be to it than that In addition to the anticipated relations, determined to invalidate the Will, whiffs of its potential bring forth from out of the woodwork virtually every lawyer from miles around, all angling for a bite of this irresistible cherry One would have to be very na ve to imagine that every lawyer was a stickler for legality you could count on the fingers of one hand those in this litigation who are honourable but you d need a lot hands than that to count those who know no bounds in the dirty tricks to which they are ready to stoop, in order to claim their percentage.To a Southern USA background, where most issues are reduced to skin colour, our attorneys play their brilliant games of verbal chess much to my delight A most intriguing read.

  6. E Griffith E Griffith says:

    An interesting one this I ve read most of Grishams novels and found some very good and others average to say the least This is a sort of sequel to his first novel A time to kill published a long time ago.same town, same characters etc Now I usually think sequels are a mistake unless there s a whole series coming out of it.and also I ve criticised some of Grishams later novels as not being up to scratch But this was good Much better written than his first.with better characterisation, pace and humour So, against my better judgement,and also disagreeing with some other reviewers who think the exact opposite, I thought it was a good read and I enjoyed it..courtroom drama is his forte.

  7. Mr. Peter Franklin Mr. Peter Franklin says:

    An excellent story, well told There s little I can really add to the nearly 20,000 reviews already posted But ever the optimist John Grisham s tales always hook you You d think that stories about lawyers, court cases and the like would be a thick seam to be mined but would inevitably be played out Not so it seems I ve read a few of Mr Grisham s books and each one is as compelling as the last He, of course tends to stick to what he knows No bad plan that though But his real flair is in his writing The characters jump out at you, the plots grab you and doesn t let go Life seems just that little better when you know you ve got a Grisham book to return to later.

  8. NicShef❤️Reading NicShef❤️Reading says:

    John Grisham is such a reliable author, he can take a history lesson and make it into a legal drama as he has here in Syca Row That being said, this doesn t have the intensity or excitement of some of Grisham s other books, even though I still enjoyed it.This novel is set in the same place and has the same protagonist and many of the same characters from A Time to Kill I wouldn t really refer to it as a real sequel as it is a stand alone story unto itself That being said it s Nice to have another Jake Brigance story though The theme of racism in the South is consistent in both books, but is heavily pronounced in Syca Row Jake is defending the most unusual of cases that of a holographic will written by a wealthy white man that, before committing suicide, decides to disinherit his children and leave 24 million to his black maid This gives rise to a legal battle to contest the will.I found myself thoroughly engrossed by the simplicity and intrigue of this story even if it got a little hard going in the middle I was constantly left wondering, why did he do this The ending was entirely unexpected, and for me this moved it from a 3 to a 4 star rating.

  9. SnowPharoah SnowPharoah says:

    Grisham has the ability to enter into the social issues of the southern US head on, with little concern for political correctness, leaving the reader continually asking questions, always a bit off balance Much as a lawyer pleads his case, Grisham places the pieces to a perplexing puzzle in Syca Row Why would a rich, white businessman, who has estranged two wives and his family, yield most of his fortune to his black housekeeper Slowly, surely, additional questions are raised, all against a backdrop of simmering racial tensions, political and legal ambitions, as well as the basic brokenness of humanity, unavoidable as it always is when wills and fortunes are at stake A wonderful page turner that brings you to the south, into the courtroom, and into the minds of its protagonists Grisham at his very best.

  10. S. Whittaker S. Whittaker says:

    Another captivating novel by Grisham I love how this story unfolds, the characters are so compelling Grisham is a master at juxtaposing stories that reveal characters with gripping, gritty, complex pasts and hopeful futures.In Syca Row, Grisham perfectly weaves a narrative of complex family dynamics, shady politics, greed, racism, fears, angst and sorrow with the contrasting human need for justice, hope, love and redemption A thoroughly good read.