Like most people, I already know what I need to do to make my life brilliant, however, as the two wonderful authors point out, common sense doesn t automatically mean commonplace So here I am, about to start the climb into the 2%ers and I couldn t be happy about it It s no exaggeration to say that I felt lighter, happier and positive from the moment I started reading this book Give it a whirl, you ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain That s why we re looking at these types of books, right Loved this book Really useful for people who are interested in people and a must for any manager or possibly teachers headteachers It is very lighthearted but still delivers the key messages. Great book full of really inspiration to do things differently, to be brilliant and make the most of life As with many books in this category, much of the content is common sense but it s communicated in a fun and relatable way has truly made a massive difference I was originally given this book at the end of a course at work I am usuall sceptical about books on self improvement but I found myself in an airport that was pretty much closed and needed something to do and any book is better than no book right The thing is, with this book, I found I couldn t stop reading it it forewent my planned sleep on the plane and by the following day I had finished it It doesn t read like a self help book at all the narrative reminds me of another book I read in one sitting without noticing the time Dave Gorman s Googlewhack Adventure I found that by the end of the book, i had a plan of simple step I could take to make myself happier and, all being well, spread that happiness to others without coming across as some weird evangelist I have now bought the Kindle edition because that means I can refer to it whenever I need a reminder of tips and tricks but also becasue I lend my paperback to a friend who was going through a crisis of confidence and she and her husband are now both very much on the road to becoming 2%ers A pep talk in your pocket, this short audiobook will fill you to the brim with happiness, positivity, well being and, most importantly, success Andy Cope and Andy Whittaker are experts in the art of happiness and positive psychology and The Art of Being Brilliant is crammed full of good advice, instructive case studies, inspiring quotes, some funny stuff and important questions to make you think about your work, relationships and life You see, being brilliant, successful, and happy isn t about dramatic change, it s about finding out what really works for you and doing of it The authors lay down their six common sense principles that will ensure you focus on what you re good at and become super brilliant both at work and at home About the Authors Andy Cope is a best selling author, trainer, qualified teacher and learning junkie He brings the best of what he knows from the field of positive psychology Andy Whittaker is a qualified trainer of neuro linguistic programming and time line therapy He also moonlights as a stand up comic and lends this book his unique brand of humour