Hayao Miyazaki is one of the world s most respected Japanese animation filmmakers He is known for creating compelling characters, engaging stories, and breathtaking animation, all of which have earned him international acclaim while setting box office records Miyazaki, who began his career inas an in betweener for Toei Doga studio, soon found his true calling as an anime and manga artist, working on classic Japanese features and television series and writing the best selling manga, Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind In , he cofounded Studio Ghibli, and in , wrote and produced its breakthrough hit animated feature, Kiki s Delivery Service Since then, Miyazaki has directed some of the most successful and popular anime features of all time, including Howl s Moving Castle, Princess Mononoke, Ponyo, and Spirited Away, entertaining audiences around the world and raising the bar for the art of animation Here is his complete story of becoming heralded as Japan s premier anime storyteller

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    Lenburg, while able to show that he has a broad library for his data, makes some rudimentary mistakes that make the reading jarring and less believable.Two fundamental aspects if writing about the film maker are out of respect you should refer to the man by his last name rather than his first, and he does not like his films being called anime, preferring they be called animation films because he regards his quality to be higher than the quality of anime.Lenburg, should know this considering he proves that he has read the materials that state this information within the LA times articles he references in his partial bibliography He changes quotes within his book to suit his purpose none of the Disney animators quoted would call Miyazaki by his first name yet for his own continuity Lenburg changes them.On page 79 there is an example of what happens at several points within this book where a paragraph that does not fit with the rest of the chapter appears, references to Cinderella and stepsisters that presumably should have been part of the chapter on Howl s Moving Castle suggest a lack of decent editing and proof reading.Overall the book was a good starting point for complete novices learning about Miyazaki for the first time, but there are better sources that are much reliable out there with complete bibliographies and direct unchanged quotes Wikipedia would be cheaper and better proof read.

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    awesome book greatest ever

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    There is a little mar for edge And actually is 120 pages.