Learn toGet acquainted with the AWS toolset Implement a website that utilizes AWS Manage AWS usage and costs UseGlacier to store large quantities of data Go to the cloud to build dynamic websites, take payments, store objects, and do so muchHere s your ticket to the cloudcloud, that is Let this book serve as your tour guide as you discover all of the amazing things you can do withWeb Services From building dynamic websites and creating a blog to launching an e commerce store and developing rich applications, you ll never want to come back down Decisions, decisions from S to EBS, determine which AWS storage service to use Take a big stretch find out how to useElastic Compute Cloud, including choosing images, selecting deployment options, and designing new EC images Lock it up put the best security measures in place as you explore the Cloud Computing Trust Boundary, AWS security groups, and the AWS Virtual Private Cloud Leveraging the AWS ecosystem get up to speed on using third party services, adding application functionality, and integrating partner products This is a great resource for anyone considering the jump into cloud computing Golden accurately explores the roster of AWS services while clearly illustrating ways for developers to make applications easier to build and manage He manages to address both business requirements and technical content in a way that will appeal to almost any audienceJeff Barr, Sr Technology Evangelist,Web Services Open the book and findAll about thebusiness philosophy Basics of the AWS API Details for setting up AWS storage Hints for usingElastic Compute Cloud How to use AWS core services Tips for building a simple blog Steps for creating an effective e commerce site Ways to leverage the AWS ecosystem for your needsBernard Golden is vice president in charge of enterprise solutions at Dell Enstratius Networks, a global cloud computing management software company He was named one of the Top Ten Influential People of Cloud Computing by Wired magazine in