Matt Groening is a cartoonist, animator, and producer best known for creating The Simpsons, television s longest running primetime animated series Although it debuted as a series of cartoon shorts for another television show in , The Simpsons launched on its own in , making the dysfunctional family of Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa, and Maggie famous almost overnight At the time, Groening was already a successful cartoonist, whose Life in Hell comic strip appeared in underground newspapers and book collections The Simpsons became a cultural phenomenon, and Groening s characters soon appeared in a wide range of products and venues Groening went on to create the animated science fiction series Futurama, launched a Simpsons based publishing company called Bongo Comics, and produced The Simpsons Movie Matt Groening From Spitballs to Springfield describes the life and career of one of animation s most successful artists, known for his unique drawing style and quirky sense of humor