1. Customer Customer says:

    The content of the book is excellent and very detailed A great and huge reference.I got the Kindle version in order to try and save handling a huge book which was a mistake There are loads of useful screenshots but the kindle format has resulted in poor quality very fuzzy and in some cases difficult to read pictures I got tired of continually clicking the pictures trying to expand them to read what was supposed to be on the screen Also difficult to find things quickly in such a big e book.Since the paperback is about the same price I wish I d got that Looking for a PDF somewhere else now.

  2. Nigel Nigel says:

    The book is really good but I bought it in kindle format which is OK but I really also need in Paper format why when you spend 70 ish for a book in kindle format AND IT IS THE SAME COST AS THE PAPER VERSION can you not have the paper back version as well for say another 10 15 Really need both when it comes to technical tomes.Hence three stars the book is probably worth 4 stars.

  3. Michael Trochez Michael Trochez says:

    this book covers all topics needed to implement and administer project server 2013 You recognize the writing style in other books in the series and yo recognize the recurrence of common topics which is nice Very useful with all recommendations and tips and tricks definitely a must

  4. Hans Torsleff Hans Torsleff says:

    The book give the best technical introduction to Project Server 2013 you can have I can recommend the book, if you want to work with Project Server 2013

  5. Nickolle P Nickolle P says:

    Must buy

  6. Michel Demers Michel Demers says:

    Right on.

  7. Customer Customer says:

    Project Server 2013 Team Task Timesheet