I bought this book on the recommendation of a respected pastor and teacher Although aimed primarily at lower secondary school readers, I would be hesitant to dismiss this for older readers too For adults it serves as an excellent introduction to the life of George Muller and inspires a desire for greater faith I would commend this book to anybody who wants a quick peak into the live of a faith filled servant to see how it works This is one of the excellent Christian Heroes Then and Now series I bought the whole series of about 32 books, read them all and put them in our church library They are by far the most popular books From primary age children to folks in their retirement these are constantly being read.They are inspiring stories of ordinary people doing extra ordinary things because of their faith The authors show them as real people, warts and all.George Muller is an excellent read It is one of several which I have also bought as a present for both older children and adults. A simply beautiful man How a hardened unrepentant sinner can come to Christ and become one of the most beautiful and giving and Godly human beings to walk this earth Gods power came through this man like gold May people be like he was. I had known about George Muller s work in Bristol since childhood The story of the bread and milk being miraculously provided for breakfast is a classic I wonder why I didn t know he was German This great book by Janet and Geoff Benge will encourage you to persevere in prayer and see what God will do in your own life. Lovely, well written books Informative yet an entertaining read Nice shorter books Great for all ages Brilliant book in excellent condition I would recommend it to anyone who has enjoyed the Christian Heroes series. My children and I really enjoyed this book Hearing George M ller s life story and the accounts of his many answered prayers, has really impacted our own attitudes to prayer So inspiring hearing what God accomplished for many orphan children through George M ller It was also wonderful to hear about the other people who worked alongside him.George M ller could easily be idolised because of his many good deeds, however thankfully the text kept pointing back to God and how George was ultimately dependant on God, revealing God s hand at work in everything that George accomplished.I would recommend this book to families who need some encouragement in their faith or who simply want to learn about a very interesting life Having said that, my youngest aged 7 found the first few chapters a bit hard to take, when youthful George was on the wrong track My son was much happier to listen to the story once George M ller started heading in the right direction Even so, it wasn t as enjoyable to him as it was for my older children ages 9, 11 and 12 who could understand it better. Well written and great for young and old This book tells the story of George Muller, a man God transformed from a thief, gambler, drunkard, and reveler into a man who lived everyday by faith relying on God alone to provide everything he needed well, everything he needed, and everything he needed for the thousands of orphans he took in, fed, clothed, and educated, over the 60ish years of his adult life According to Muller s autobiography, which I ve also read, he chronicled his experiences so that future generations would be able to see just how trustable God is, and how we can trust Him to provide all we need for life and ministry, too Faith strengthening and encouraging for any Christian get it you won t be disappointed With scarcely enough food or money for his own family, George M ller opened his heart and home Sustained by God s provision, the M ller house Breakfast Club of thirty orphans grew to five large houses that ultimately over ten thousand children would call home George M ller trusted God with a depth rarely seen His faith and generosity set a standard for Christians of all generations