Forth is a very special computer language as is the inventor Charles H Moore This eBook describes the early years of Forth, a simple natural computer language as Charles describes it, and how it developed over the years It documents the different locations where the inventor Charles H Moore worked and optimized Forth MIT , Stanford , Freelance , Mohasco , NRAOWithin programming community there is a very strong feeling about this language for it and against it, often quite emotionalCharles moral from the eBook I know Forth is the strongest language so far I m disturbed that people who should don t appreciate how it embodies their own description of the ideal programming languageForth has lead to an architecture that promises a wonderful integration of software and siliconOne way it has been described You need longer to learn it to work with it efficiently but from then on you will program faster The same even seems to apply if the programmes steps back to her his language of choice

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