Kevin Townsend specializes in embedded design and development around the ARM Cortex M family of microprocessors, and has a long standing interest in low power wireless communication He s active in the open source hardware world as lead engineer at Adafruit Industries, where his job is taking interesting technologies in the embedded engineering space and getting them into the hands of domain experts in other fields to see what interesting solutions they can come up with when technology becomes invisibleCarles Cuf has been involved with Bluetooth since the yearStarting at Parrot in Paris with versionof the specification, he wrote one of the first protocol stacks to be shipped on a commercial product, and he has been involved with the development and implementation of Bluetooth devices and systems ever since He is currently employed by Nordic Semiconductor, where he is responsible for the Bluetooth Low Energy Application Programming Interfaces offered to the developers using the nRF family of Integrated CircuitsAkiba has been involved in wireless sensor networks sinceHe wrote FreakZ, an open source Zigbee protocol stack, and also Chibi, an open sourceprotocol stack He s a researcher for Keio University in the Internet and Society research group, and is a design consultant to the United Nations His specialty and interest is in sensor networks for environmental monitoring He currently runs FreakLabs, an open source wireless company, and is working on a hackerspace in the Japanese countryside called HackerfarmRobert Davidsons passion in life is to apply what he knows about technology to solve real problems for people He especially enjoys applications that use sensors to connect the physical world to computers and the Internet He runs Ambient Sensors, a company focused on sensors and wireless sensor networks, and has a strong interest in the development of startup companies and the scars to prove it He especially enjoys sharing his interests and expertise with others

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