Personnages int ressants et attachants, histoire prenante, Lynda Laplante est un auteur exceptrionnelle et ses romans enlevants sans trop de violence et de sexe Enjoyed the build up and the build of the storey, good background to keep you as the reader in the picture and to understand the way epic were patronized in the days gone by, not much has changed in some ways just different ways of covering inadequate male egos. I like Lynda La Plante s work and The Prime Suspect Series so was keen to see what this would be like I worked for the Met in the 1970s and Lynda has got a lot of it right the sexism, the pranks I don t remember the specialist surveillance teams back then, but this is a novel, not an encyclopaedia It gripped me, and I was with Jane when Bradfield put her back on relief, and when she found out he d died, and again when she found out he was married Isn t that what a good novel is about, to get the reader to feel it A fantastic read by the author as one would expect I lived the Prime Suspect series starring Helen Mitten I also enjoyed the tv series of the young Jane from this book I m looking forward to reading the other books very much What a great author Lynda La Plante is.Jackie Bailey Thoroughly enjoyed this book and suspect it portrays the police of 1970s very accurately I do find Jane Tennison slightly pushy but wouldn t know if a young policewoman would really behave as she does when she is still on probation Not sure which came first, the book or TV series but enjoyed both. Interesting story that put the probationer police woman right at the top when it came to recording statements properly She is on top of her game but is bullied by a sergeant who makes her job difficult She becomes involved with a married inspector but loses that relationship in the ending which is sad, but due to her diligence the criminals would have got away with millions. It is sometimes good to read a prequel and visit a time when life was less complicated, without all the incredibly sophisticated technology in use today La Plante creates a very credible young Tennison with the beginnings of all her later enthusiasm,drive and insecurities This is a very interesting read which is equally concerned with the establishment of Tennison s potential as it is with the criminal fraternity If you like the Tennison series you will enjoy this book. Not exactly great prose, but an easy read Writing is sophomoric at best Personally, I would prefer watching the TV movies made from these novels The plot in this one is somewhat contrived, and most of it is predictable I have never read or watched any LLP books or programmes before but being aware of her reputation and in particular for her Prime Suspect TV series, I decided to buy this book while it was on offer I was also interested because the period covered also coincided with what I was doing in my career at the time There are several factual inaccuracies and the implied bullying from some quarters at the time was not something that only female officers suffered, it was probably a hangover caused by a workforce who experienced similar treatment as toughening up experiences doing National Service I am sure many apprentices in industry suffered similarly during these years These inaccuracies are not a major problem and a good story and good writing could have than made up for them, unfortunately neither were present This was a long read, it is not one of those books you start and get immediately drawn in to it, it seemed to use three sentences where one would have done, and when I finished it there was no feeling of wanting to know and looking for the next instalment I may try a different LLP novel just to see if this is a one off failure, and if I see Prime Suspect on TV as a repeat I will watch it just to see what all the hype is about, but as my headline states, this book was disappointing. From the creator of the award winning ITV series Prime Suspect, starring Helen Mirren, comes the fascinating back story of the iconic DCI Jane Tennison InJane Tennison, aged , leaves the Metropolitan Police Training Academy to be placed on probationary exercise in Hackney where criminality thrives We witness her struggle to cope in a male dominated, chauvinistic environment, learning fast to deal with shocking situations with no help or sympathy from her superiors Then comes her involvement in her first murder case Classic Lynda, a fabulous read MARTINA COLE Lynda La Plantes Widowsis now a major motion picture