This is the ultimate source for the working IT Pro who wants to develop and customize deployment solutionsbased on MDTand or ConfigMgrR This is a HOW TO GET IT DONE book, solely focused oncustomizing deployment solutions with roots in the real world In addition to well proven step by step guides,you also get access to sample scripts and source code, allowing you to quickly test the solutions in your ownenvironment As far as the title goes, we dont mean you should steal things, literally In this book, stealing is a metaphor fornot reinventing the wheel We dont want you to waste time developing solutions that are already available forfreeDiscover how to Setup MDTLite Touch for OSD Setup ConfigMgrR for OSD Work with drivers in MDTand ConfigMgrR Customize MDTLite Touch and ConfigMgrR OSD Select the right development tools for OSD customizations Use version control for your scripts and source code Advanced customization of the MDTLite Touch wizard Master the rules CustomSettingsi Create UserExit scripts Configure user driven installation UDI Create and extend the MDT database Use a custom frontend for the MDT database Create and debug custom scripts and frontends Create web services in both VB and C Extend the MDT Monitoring feature Setup and configure OrchestratorR Integrate MDTand ConfigMgrR with OrchestratorR