informative and to the point Author keeps the message simple Many good tips Basic and intermediate knowledge Thumbs up Great little book, but make sure this is read in conjunction with one of Rob s comprehensive books The Complete Guide to Property Investment How to survive wisdom which seems to just come from the author s own opinions, so this little book is great for me as it provides hints and tips from people other than just the one person.Thanks Rob D Practical, actionable insights from the frontline of propertyWhen it comes to property investment, theres always something new to learn regardless of whether youre a beginner or youve been investing for years Property Investment Tips compiles practical and real life insights from experienced investors, mortgage advisers, developers and letting agents From sussing out the best deals and financing your investment to organising your taxes and dealing with tenants, its all here helping you to make money with less stressAmong thecurated, carefully organised tips in this book, youll learn Why you re doing your calculations all wrong How to use leverage to multiply your returns How to delegate The realistic alternatives to buy to let Why and how to buy below market value How to compete when you re constantly priced out by other buyers Ways to add value How to win at auctions Why you should get over your fear of interest only mortgages What counts as an expense and how to claim it A ton of nifty tips, tricks and hacks for sourcing, financing and managing your property The tips are organised into the following sections Get started in property investment Find a deal Finance your investment Deal with tenants and management Focus on your strategy and goals Sort out your tax and accounts Tips, tricks and hacks Whatever your level of experience, youre sure to find some great new ideas to make you a effective property investor I wrote the comments below before completing the full book And I was wrong I don t admit to that often Whilst there is certainly a factual mistake the rest of the book is very detailed and extremely informative.It is definitely worth reading.I think that the book may have some good tips in it I haven t read it all yet I am put off reading any as I spotted a very basic misprint quite early on When describing yield the calculations is written back to front.This has left me suspicious of what else may be wrong.It is a shame as I think it is probably just bad editing and proofing. A quick and easy read with new ideas, reminders of old ideas and a gentle nudge to sort stuff out or get going again I enjoyed it and the only reason it doesn t get 5 stars is that for me, a book has to be life changing or close, to merit the top rating Good work Rob thanks. Having read the reviews I bought this book along with a few others so that I do lots of research and gain as much knowledge as possible along with viewings lots of different types of properties, this book has assisted the process immensely Each tip is easy to read and understand together with website addresses to assist you even further Walking into the world of buying properties as an investment is not to be taken lightly and this books has tips and resources that will make your journal to success that little bit easier For the price it s listed, it s worth every penny even if you walk away with a few tips though all tips are great abs thought worthy. Best investment tips book Its an easy exceptional read for investment in property This book has a number of contributors with different but useful contributions that can be applied in proprty investment. Excellent advice about property investment Tips are worth noting down and putting into practice Although this was a free purchase, it gave excellent advice. This isn t a great little book very readable and makes loads of essential points without going into excessive detail Just what any newcomer needs and I d consider this a complete no brainier Apart from some great advice, many of the points offer links to websites that go into a lot depth or can help with the particular aspect I found myself spending half my time registering with suggested website and checking out various property assessment tools and forums that I ovule never have known exist otherwise As an example in the first chapter you are given a link to register the purchase of this book for which you get a bonus tip sheet which includes details of how to get involved with local networking groups where you can attend free meetings with others trying to do the same and share ideas and advice something I hadn t even thought of but that could really save a lot of time in terms of research.You will need to do than buy this book in terms of research but this will give you the basics and some great advice as to which areas to concentrate on in terms of research and what things to know and what questions to ask etc I also realised when reading this book, that many of the things I was planning to do for my first purchase amounted to rookie errors so it s nice to be steered in the right direction. As a potential property investor, I found this book to be an excellent starting point for research It will not tell you everything you need to part with your hard earned cash and go out and buy property It does provide plenty of food for thought and may serve to put off people who are only half hearted in their endeavours to become property investors For those who are a little serious, it is purely a starting point There is not a great deal of meat on the bones, but the title of the book does tell the reader that there are 100 Property Investment Tips So, from that point of view, it does exactly what it states that it will.