AWS Lambda A Guide to Serverless Microservices takes a comprehensive look at developing serverless workloads using the newWeb Services Lambda service Lambda enables users to develop code that executes in response to events API calls, file uploads, schedules, etc and upload it without worrying about managing traditional server metrics such as disk space, memory, or CPU usage With its per execution cost model, Lambda can enable organizations to save hundreds or thousands of dollars on computing costsWith in depth walkthroughs, large screenshots, and complete code samples, the reader is guided through the step by step process of creating new functions, responding to infrastructure events, developing API backends, executing code at specified intervals, and muchIntroduction to AWS ComputingEvolution of the Computing WorkloadLambda BackgroundThe InternalsThe BasicsFunctionsLanguagesResource AllocationGetting Set UpHello WorldUploading the FunctionWorking with EventsAWS EventsCustom EventsThe Context ObjectPropertiesMethodsRoles and PermissionsPoliciesTrust RelationshipsConsole PopupsCross Account AccessDependencies and ResourcesNode ModulesOS DependenciesOS ResourcesOS CommandsLoggingSearching LogsTesting Your FunctionLambda Console TestsThird Party Testing LibrariesSimulating ContextHello S ObjectThe BucketThe RoleThe CodeThe EventThe TriggerTestingWhen Lambda Isnt the AnswerHost AccessFine Tuned ConfigurationSecurityLong Running TasksWhere Lambda ExcelsAWS Event Driven TasksScheduled Events Cron Offloading Heavy ProcessingAPI EndpointsInfrequently Used ServicesReal World Use CasesS Image ProcessingShutting Down Untagged InstancesTriggering CodeDeploy with New S UploadsProcessing Inbound EmailEnforcing Security PoliciesDetecting Expiring CertificatesUtilizing the AWS APIExecution EnvironmentThe Code PipelineCold vs Hot ExecutionWhat is Saved in MemoryScaling and Container ReuseFrom Development to DeploymentApplication DesignDevelopment PatternsTestingDeploymentMonitoringVersioning and AliasingCostsShort ExecutionsLong Running ProcessesHigh Memory ApplicationsFree TierCalculating PricingCloudFormationReusable Template with Minimum PermissionsCross Account AccessCloudWatch AlertsAWS API GatewayAPI Gateway EventCreating the Lambda FunctionCreating a New API, Resource, and MethodInitial ConfigurationMapping TemplatesAdding a Query StringUsing HTTP Request Information Within LambdaDeploying the APIAdditional Use CasesLambda CompetitorsIronStackHutWebTaskExisting Cloud ProvidersThe Future of LambdaMore ResourcesConclusion