More thanmillion readers around the world have improved their lives by reading The Magic of Thinking Big First published in , David J Schwartzs classic teachings are as powerful today as they were then Practical, empowering and hugely engaging, this book will not only inspire you, it will give you the tools to change your life for the better starting from now His step by step approach will show you how to Defeat disbelief and the negative power it creates Make your mind produce positive thoughts Plan a concrete success building programme Do and do it better by turning on your creative power Capitalise on the power of NOWUpdated for the st century, this is your go to guide to a better life, starting with the way you think

15 thoughts on “The Magic of Thinking Big

  1. A.I.93 A.I.93 says:

    I never could have imagined self development as being a KEY aspect for business, which is the reason I picked up this book and many other books.David explains that having big ambitions in life is no difficult than having small ambitions contrary to popular belief.One of the reasons why people fail is due to what the author calls Excusitis i.e developing excuses of health, age, believing you don t have what it takes etc After going into detail about these aspects, David provides you with solutions to tackles these mental obstacles that prevent you from taking action.I have read this book along with a few other books about achieving success The common theme I have found within them is the development of your mind and to replace negative programming with positive programming To me that makes total sense as the number 1 reason why people give up is not due to their lack of physical ability, rather their lack of mental ability.The book isn t very big to get through and only takes a few hours to read This is definitely staying on my bookshelf and is something I will pick up from time to time when I feel deflated and need a quick boost of mental energy

  2. Customer Customer says:

    Super read, one of the best at summarising lots of books key messages One of the main points for me that stood out is near the end Find time to think by yourself everyday Don t fill every moment of the day with TV or radio or small talk or gossip, make the time to think about the things you NEED to think about

  3. Rogerio da Silva Rogerio da Silva says:

    Is all about working your mind to be happy right now This place you in a state that will attract and success in your life and others around you I have had listened to the audiobook in the past and wanted the printed version to refer back to it from time to time among my small selected collection of books.It seems like every time I read I learn something new.

  4. Daniel Davinci Daniel Davinci says:

    I ve bought two of these copies in total I bought another as a gift for a student after I was inspired by it The book introduces the habit of thinking productively and as the title suggests bigger The practices are effective and they serve as a means to stop you from becomes entwined in negative habits and instead run on the road to success Recommended

  5. Gareth Ellison Gareth Ellison says:

    To people who are new to the self development world this book would be ok at most To those are in the advanced stages and looking for something new or a different perspective or angle on things This is absolutely not going to offer you anything new to add to your arsenal

  6. Shed42 Shed42 says:

    Love this book Very motivational and very accessible It set me in a positive and proactive mindset immediately upon reading it and I am now reading it a second time and making notes as I go as there are so many good bits in there that I want to make sure I keep fresh in my mind.This book gave me extra confidence and belief in my actions to be proactive in perusing my dreams.I have already personally recommeded this book to a number if friends and wouldn t hesitate to recommed it further.

  7. B.Nikqi B.Nikqi says:

    I encourage everyone who wants at least to level up the power of positivity read this book Also helps you understand how essential is visualizing and how important is to see ourselves through on what we seek to achieve The information is so simply put that when I started reading the book I found myself so excited page after page I couldn t stop.

  8. Sam Wood Sam Wood says:

    Once you get past the cheesy cover and title, this turns out to be a great book Books of this type tend to be long winded and preachy however, Schwartz s formula is simple and believable, with each chapter being filled with examples and experiences from the writer and his acquaintances This has quickly become my favorite business book.

  9. Ashok Krishna Ashok Krishna says:

    Books on personal development, or the so called self help genre, have been around for so long, there is no doubt about that There is a plethora of such books, which promise to help a person overcome the tough situations in life and sail through smoothly Especially in our modern times, where publishing a book has become as easy as ordering a product online, there is a rise in the number of authors who promise to improve your life by offering some quick fix solutions for your troubles But there are very few authors who write books that leave a lasting impact, without merely indulging in flowery language and empty platitudes The Magic of Thinking Big is a book of the first kind.Make no mistakes about it, all of us started our lives by dreaming big We had high ambitions, we dreamt big and hoped big But sooner than later the reality gave us a wake up call and the world around made us shrink our dreams and thoughts Few of us, if ever, arrived at our last day with all our dreams fulfilled and all our hopes intact Life shakes us all up and shatters our dreams But some of us march on, tough as nails in the face of struggles What separates such victors from the vanquished is their thought process When Life throws you a challenge, one can simply wilt down and wither away or one can simply toughen oneself up and tear apart the challenges And, one s self belief plays the most crucial role in how one overcomes the challenges.In this book, Dr.David Schwartz elaborates on the ageless principle of you become what you think What is so refreshing about this book is the very practical approach to the problems and the offering of subtle solutions This book does not ask you to write some self assuring line for 100 times daily This book does not ask you to stare at yourself in a mirror except on one rare occasion and repeat some magical phrase so many times to encourage yourself All this book asks you is to think and to think BIG.One of the most interesting aspects of this book is, this is quite comprehensive Whether you are suffering from self imposed inferiority complex or you have been told by people that you re incapable of doing something, whether you re suffering a setback in your venture or you ve not even started yet due to fear, this book will add a dash of confidence to your thoughts and deeds It all flows in simple, plain language, as if a friend is sitting across the table, speaking with you about your troubles and help stimulate your thought process, through which you get to correct your thought process and solve your troubles on your own There is no peppering of quotes from ancient philosophers and certainly no repetition of platitudes as many popular modern day authors wont to do.If you would want to read only one book of the personal development genre ever, choose this one For, this is such a beautiful, brilliant and worthwhile stuff

  10. Sachit Kumar Senapati Sachit Kumar Senapati says:

    I purchased this book a couple of months ago,this book was suggested to me by Ravindrababu Rabula who is teacher and is giving coaching for GATE CS in Hyderabad, while reading this book you will feel that the writer himself is talking with you and telling you all what he has written on the book,whether you do a small thing or big you will get confidence that you will do it, I think this book is most likely and similar to THINK AND GROW RICH BY Napolean Hill but I have not read that book but I think it might be,you will be able know yourself.If you have heard from anyone about this book don t think twice GO FOR IT ,these books are FAR BETTER than the books written by CHETAN BHAGAT if anyone is reading his book just for entertainment purpose, you will develop yourself by reading these books.And over this book is also available in most of the RAILWAY STATIONS of INDIA.And I am not sponsoring anyone whether is better or Flipkart is better,where you get less price buy it.

  11. Aditya Kumar Aditya Kumar says:

    Author Devid Swartz ask one question why should I think small or negative about our work, our actions and our future Why should i feel that my work is inferior than others Why This is the only strong asset that God has given to us is to ability to think then why don t we use it for positive thinking I agree that other s work is important and I am not jealous about it.But my work is much important and unique than others Why can t we think like this.Then he talk about the fear action cures fear Indecision, postponement, on the other hand, fertilize fear.Then he takes us through manage our environment and go first class in this he says Environment shapes us, makes us think the way we do And Go first class that is an excellent rule to follow in everything we do, including the goods and services that we buy This may cost us but gives very high value in long term.This is an incredible book with full of life lessons on how to think BIG Do not think twice, go ahead and read this book because the value that this book will give is trillion times of the book price.

  12. Nishant Nishant says:

    This is undoubtedly one of the best self help books that I have read till date It talks about the power of thinking big and how we can achieve massive feats simply by having a positive attitude and realising them in our mind first One of the most important thing that I learned and will definitely apply in my life is that not only persistence but a combination of persistence and experimentation is the key to success I look forward to read books by David.

  13. Vivek Vivek says:

    This book has helped me a lot in changing my perspective about life and I have seen a drastic change in the way i interact with people.This book is a must read to people who are bored with their life..its fills your life with enthusiasm.Thank you so much Sir for writing this book.

  14. performing-arts.coCustomer performing-arts.coCustomer says:

    If you are into reading self help books, I assure you, this book will make it to your favorites Numerous simple, and easy to use principles are described that could lead one to a successful life Many key insights from Applied Psychology are discussed, which makes this book particularly valuable For ex., we are often told that our thoughts influence our behavior which is of course true This book points out that the reverse is equally true i.e our behavior can be used to influence and modify our thoughts An example as described in the book would be that, we can become confident by acting confident One way, among the many mentioned in the book, would be to sitting in a good posture, walking faster than normal, making firm handshakes and eye contact, etc so basically modifying our behavior to influence our mindset Sweet I have benefited immensely in a very short time As the author himself says, this book should be treated as a self administered training program or a course in self improvement Merely sitting on a couch and reading it is useless You need to study the principles carefully, and start putting them into action Do it, and you won t regret it Good luck

  15. V.R. V.R. says:

    The book simply bombards the reader with positiveness This positiveness is so brute, that indeed, something sticks The author often repeats himself, but that serves a purpose.One caveat the book s main emphasis is on business People of other areas like students, govt workers, scientists, creative people and so on have to transfer the ideas to themselves.Another caveat the typesetting of the Ebury Penguin edition is annoying there are a lot of typos, broken paragraphs, changing fonts and so on In addition, while the editor tried to bring this 1950s book into the present, the updates remain inconsistent In one chapter, we are talking about a guy who graduated in the 1920, in another chapter, we are talking about email output per day.Still take the time and read the book It s good.