If your job is deploying Windows , this book is for you In this book, you will find practical guidance based on our many years of real world experience deploying Windows around the world Deployment Fundamentals, Volume , provides you with detailed step by step instructions, as well as decision making guidance and explanations that provide answers on the Whys and Hows around WindowsOS deployment using Microsoft Deployment Toolkit MDTUpdateThe book also include many real word notes and troubleshooting tips and tricksTo get you going as quickly possible, the book sample scripts contains a fully automated build of the entire environment, the hydration kit That includes a fully configured Active Directory environment, including DNS, DHCP, WSUS, PXE, DFS R Replication, SQL Express, andWith this book, you will learn how to Install and configure MDTUpdatefor production deployments Build the supporting infrastructure Use the script repository included with this book in your own environment Create production ready reference images for WindowsBuild a real world deployment solution for WindowsAdd and deploy applications Perform real world driver management Apply advanced configurations for CustomSettingsi and deployment automation Extend MDT using application wrappers, userexit scripts, and PowerShell Prestage deployment settings using the MDT databases Perform advanced configuration using web services Deploy Office , including the Click to Run Officeversion

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