Every industry revolves around Key People of Influence Their names come up in conversation They attract opportunities They earn money Many people think it takes decades of hard work, academic qualifications and a generous measure of good luck to become a Key Person of Influence This audiobook shows you that there is a five step strategy for fast tracking your way to the inner circle of the industry you love Your ability to succeed depends on your ability to influence Start now by listening to this audiobook

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  1. Gurminder Gurminder says:

    I got sucked in by all the five star reviews The title of the book suggests you can become top of your industry in 5 steps The reality is, it s going to take a lot of hard work and effort to do those steps and each step has a whole bunch of sub steps If you ve got time to author lots of papers, speak at lots of conferences, write blogs, produce podcasts etc then you may be in with a shout of ticking the boxes in the book The reality is few people have the time to do all this AND do their day job.

  2. The Reading Desk The Reading Desk says:

    What drives people who want to be entrepreneurs fame, fortune or controlling own destiny Whatever the goal, you need to be well known, you need to be a thought leader, and in today s world, that means being highly proficient on the internet and social media.Daniel presents 5 steps to becoming a Key Person of Influence by defining your purpose, having something to say, generate material, get web famous and collaborate What I really like about Daniel is that he removes the BS and tells it as cold hard truths His clarity of thought in how you start with a single purpose and build on that to generate the greatest impact is superb He doesn t claim it will be easy and it isn t, but if you want it badly enough the effort will be rewarded His writing style is easy, the book is visually very good, and throughout the book, there are real gems of advice and action lists.

  3. Tommyboy Tommyboy says:

    I can t speak highly enough about this magnificent little book I am planning a new business venture about a novel piece of thought leadership, and have just embarked on writing my book on this Daniel Priestley s book on becoming a Key Person of Influence will undoubtedly help me make a real success of this.The book is very well written in clear and concise language I have run a consultancy company before, but even so I learned a huge amount from this book.When I have my book published I will contact Daniel and seek a genuine partnership with him His book oozes both confidence and an ethical approach to business.Highly very highly recommend.

  4. Antoinette Oglethorpe Antoinette Oglethorpe says:

    It seems to be a fashion these days for marketers to promote the idea of being an authority or being seen as an expert as a way of winning business Daniel Priestley s Key Person of Influence was the first and, in my opinion, the best I bought it when it was first published and it continues to inspire me It gives five practical strategies to stand out from the rest of your industry They re not easy nothing in business is but they are worth the effort because they work Daniel s writing style is easy to read and motivates through stories of his own experience and others Buy this book You will enjoy it and you ll learn lots.

  5. MT MT says:

    This is a great little book that does what it says on the tin.It s a take action book less theory, practice It s quick and easy to read and very much to the point.Only downside is all five steps required to be a key person of influence have to be followed, in order, to achieve the results but that s to do with the doctrine than with the book itself In other words, no shortcuts here A useful read one that I m sure I ll be referencing now and again for some years.

  6. Ioana Hardy Ioana Hardy says:

    At the time when I picked up the book, I was a successful consultant, working for big corporations Business was great but I was close to burnout I could t grow there were not enough hours in the day and my fees were already very high I knew I needed a new business model, one that could help me scale up.A friend recommended the Key Person of Influence book I reluctantly bought it thinking yet another 5 steps of something book I am glad I did It was the beginning of an amazing personal and professional journey.The book helped me transition to a business model which I could scale up by building a product ecosystem , improve my brand through publishing and leverage partnerships.I am now gifting this book to other entrepreneurs It s structured, practical, asks the right questions The 5 steps are clearly laid down and there are many things you can implement immediately It is not theory, it is written by somebody who has done it and taught others to do it too.Highly recommend it if you want to become a person of influence and to grow your business it might well be the best investment in your business this year

  7. Marcos Barros Marcos Barros says:

    I recently read lots of books on online presence, marketing, online products and online strategies Nothing came close to Key Person of Influence.I was able to immediately relate to every one of the five steps, and I am now adjusting my strategies to fit the guidelines proposed in the book.It s full of great insight and most of all, practical steps to make them work in any Industry.Very well written and with lots os examples and references.

  8. FunOne FunOne says:

    I have read several books by Daniel now Each has provided good insights, advice and methods for achieving specific things This one provides guidance in how to be recognised as a leader influencer in your specialisation and area of expertise It is well researched and clearly explained.

  9. Carlo Carlo says:

    There are some nice suggestions but overall it seems the usual book that serial writers prepare.In my opinion a good internet article could have been enough.

  10. Sheldon Mall Sheldon Mall says:

    This is an amazing book that provides step by step practical guidance on how to become a KPI I have already started making changes to my thinking, profile projection and how I look at life and success.

  11. z55z.co Kunde z55z.co Kunde says:

    This book is great I m from Germany, but its not too hard do read it in English.

  12. Aijaz Aijaz says:

    A great read for those people who like to influence other people s lives by guiding and coaching them to become successful in their personal and professional lives.

  13. Camilla hasloch Camilla hasloch says:

    If there s a book to get your intrinsic entrepreneurial streak running, this is it Inspiring and motivational whilst offering a model which is not overpowering