I could easily read this book and get a good understanding, step by step how to start on FBA Useful links Nicely categorized Simple wording Just what I expected when buying this book. I found this to be exactly what I was after a helpful, selfless guide to setting up an business Proper step by step instructions, no fanfare, motivation or you can do it too implausible case studies of how Mary X from Brighton became a millionaire in 15 minutes Instead, the book includes plenty of caution about what could go wrong and it is absolutely and completely lacking in take my course sign up for my masterclass or anything which suggests that Ned Browne is in the business of up selling anything else This book is his book, it delivers what it promises and that s it I would suggest this is a basic guide, as there is little direction on how to select products but, having said that, there are plenty of links to complementary supporting materials, not all of which I ve yet had a chance to look at I have the Kindle edition and have bookmarked a whole load of material, so expect to be referring back as I progress on my journey Thanks for a great guide. The A Z of FBAedition Fulfilled By FBA is potentially the biggest retail revolutions since the emergence of ecommerce Put simply, FBA allows sellers to outsource their product storage and distribution to FBA is giving rise to a new, post eBay, entrepreneur people who want to spend their time reselling, designing, branding and marketing products With FBA, you dont have to worry about being hacked or setting up payment systems Theres no traipsing to the Post Office or worrying about being away when an order needs to be fulfilled This gives you freedom too you can run your FBA operation from anywhere in the world All you need is access to the Internet There are numerous books available on this subject, but this is the first to focus solely on that means UK case studies, pounds not dollars and UK EU laws rules If youre a seasoned FBAer, this book is probably not for you although you will learn a few new things However, if youre thinking of entering this market or have less than a couple of years experience this guide should prove invaluable This book covers the following topics Finding products that will sell Creating your own brand Registering a trademark Importing goods Sourcing buying products from overseas suppliers Registering as a seller on Listing FBA products on Getting your products to s fulfilment centres Commodity codes, import duty and VAT Pricing your products How to get great customer reviews to boost sales The dark arts of SEO Selling as a Professional Seller Product requiring prior approval by Promoting your products List on eBay, fulfil via FBA Returns and damaged stock Rules and regulations tedious but necessary FBA is a movable feast things are changing every week I have included my email address in the book and encourage readers to ask questions, make suggestions and point out any inaccuracies Hopefully there wont be too many of the latter Enjoy and good luck There is a lot to consider diving in to the FBA world and my rating reflects the level of insight and guidance Ned provides.As of this moment I m still in the planning phase.I ve looked at courses from certain gurus that seem very good, however, charging USD2k for instructional videos which is fine, however, if starting out you put on the practical head there is free sound advice lower entry price to market.As I m in the UK I want the no BS approach and this book is spot on I would like a mind map or flow list checklist but with the solid info provided I can make my own.I m on my 2nd in depth read so far.Best of luck. Ned has written a clear, concise and immensely practical introduction to getting started selling on.co.uk There are many guides, sites and information that are based on which, while helpful, require some extrapolation and interpretation to make them fit the UK as well as rest of Europe context As someone just starting out and taking my first, tentative steps the guide has proved to be a highly useful guidebook as well as a source of encouragement that it is possible Thanks Ned for authoring this book. This is a great reference guide for all things FBA If you don t expect this to launch your business but help assist alongside free content elsewhere you will love this book Expect it to launch a successful FBA business and you ll be disappointed.The book puts everything in to a short, succinct format with a really good informal writing style that will get you through lots of the finer points of the FBA journey.My only real criticism is the lack of product research deeper dive info Definitely get yourself onto a certain video platform for nuts and bolts, then you ll be on your way with this book as a companion Yep that s it, it s a companion book And a ruddy good one If you are considering launching an FBA business, this is a go to guide that takes you through the process in easy to follow steps It s concise, no nonsense, simple to follow and useful for all newcomers to the business Well done Ned for writing a great blueprint to launching an FBA business in the U.K Well written FBA guide focused on UK market Recommended to all doing research on how to start selling on UK. Loved this book finished it in about an hour although I am already an FBA seller A non FBA seller might take a little longer to digest it, and a complete e commerce beginner may need to follow up on a lot of the detail but the right summary info is all in there and it is a great framework to use It has helped to highlight the areas that I need to think about and improve on myself in fact I have already used one of the suggestions within minutes of finishing the book The fact that it is regularly updated is great and I will have no hesitation in buying the next version Cheers Ned I read this book after it was recommended to me when researching my own business ideas This book stood out amongst other FBA books available because it focuses uniquely upon.co.uk all the others are about.com which meant that a lot of the information currently out there and available to me wasn t relevant to my brand or market.The book reads like having a personal FBA Mentor in your living room Ned Browne breaks down the technicalities into bite size portions and writes in a way that is easy to digest, making this book ideal for those who are just branching out into the online market as well as for those who need some tips on how to improve their business and selling potential He explains all the jargon and finer details that can make the initial set up up a mine field Once you read this book, you will have all the information in your armoury to launch a successful online business on FBA.