HOW TO ESTABLISH AN IMPENETRABLE LINE OF DEFENSE USING EVERYTHING IN THE PROFESSIONAL HACKERS BAG OF TRICKSTypical penetration testing is highly formulaic and involves littlethan timelimited network and application security audits If they are to have any hope of defending their assets against attacks by todays highly motivated professional hackers, highvalue targets will have to do a better job of hardening their IT infrastructures And that can only be achieved by security analysts and engineers fully versed in the professional hackers manual of dirty tricks and penetration techniquesWritten by a top security expert who has performed hacking and penetration testing for Fortunecompanies worldwide, Advanced Penetration Testing Hacking the Worlds Most Secure Networks schools you in advanced techniques for targeting and compromising highsecurity environments that arent taught in any certification prep or covered by common defense scanners Author Wil Allsopp goes well beyond Kali linux and Metasploit to provide a complex, highly realistic attack simulation Taking a multidisciplinary approach combining social engineering, programming, and vulnerability exploits, he teaches you how to Discover and create attack vectorsMove unseen through a target enterprise and reconnoiter networks, operating systems, and test structuresEmploy social engineering strategies to create an initial compromiseEstablish a beachhead and leave a robust commandandcontrol structure in placeUse advanced data exfiltration techniqueseven against targets without direct Internet connectionsUtilize advanced methods for escalating privilegeInfiltrate deep into networks and operating systems using harvested credentialsCreate custom code using VBA, Windows Scripting Host, C, Java, JavaScript, Flash, and Wil Allsopp is an IT security expert withyears experience, specializing in red team engagements, penetration testing, vulnerability assessment, security audits, secure source code review, social engineering, and advanced persistent threats He has performed ethical hacking and penetration testing for numerous Fortunecompanies