This was a very interesting read.I was in needed wireless hacking and I found helpful this book.It really helped me out getting to know the basics I would recommend this book as a starting point Learn fast how to hack any wireless network a step by step implementation and demonstration guide Do you want to learn how to hack any wireless networks using only a laptop Do you want to know how your laptop can become a wireless access point Do you want to access a detailed guide on how to manipulate wireless networks In this book you will learn How to find hidden wireless networks How to join any wireless access points How to implement a Rouge Wireless Access Point How to discover networking devices through wireless How to exploit systems in multiple ways using wireless technologies How to implement Man in the Middle attacks in multiple ways How to create an Evil Twin How to become a wireless access point using your laptop How to implement a wireless collision attack Why you should never join a free wireless network How to implement a wireless flooding attack, replay attack, denial of sleep, and many This book gave me quite the idea of what hackers of and how they get into our personal information I never knew that there were as many hackers in the world today and this book helped explain all of the different types and what they do online.Awesome over view of hacking and a great place to start Don t forget to look at appendix A It has a lot of resources that are very useful. Great book Good content Very many examples Well written and understandable Clear direction, so easy to follow I recommend it. It was too advanced for me, but I am sure that it is useful for advanced users. I enjoyed reading this book The author has done a good job of giving basic information and anyone trying to get into this field would be benefited.At the same time, you need to understand that not anyone with a computer can do it Rather, you need to have a good grip over the basics of computer programming before you can learn the basics mentioned here.The book offers a good introduction to those with a grip over at least one or two programming language.