One of thousands of children who fled strife in southern Sudan, John Bul Dau survived hunger, exhaustion, and violence His wife, Martha, endured similar hardships In this memorable book, the two convey the best of African values while relating searing accounts of famine and war Theres warmth as well, in their humorous tales of adapting to American life For its importance as a primary source, for its inclusion of the rarely told female perspective of Sudans lost children, for its celebration of human resilience, this is the perfect story to inform and inspire young readers good book John and Martha, as children growing up in Sudan in the 1980s, both find themselves caught in the midst of a growing civil war Both are forced to flee their homes, and travel hundreds of miles on foot, suffering thirst, hunger, and sickness, in order to find safety in Ethiopia But their refuge proves only temporary, when a new government takes charge of Ethiopia, the refugees are violently forced back into Sudan, where war still rages Both John and Martha find the courage and hope to survive despite their awful circumstances And both John and Martha survive to build better lives for themselves.The book does describe many violent acts, including deaths involving animals and warfare, but they are not graphically portrayed If you decide to use the book in a classroom, you ll want to pre read to make sure the material is appropriate for your students The story is a powerful one, about survival, hope, and the difference that one person or group of people can make. One of our children had to read this for a school report and she thought it was a great book that told an excellent story. This book was an excellent insight into the personal effect of the Civil War in Sudan I thought the price for a Kindle book was very high