Ann Rule was working on the biggest story of her career, tracking the trail of victims left by a brutal serial killer Little did this future best selling author know that the savage slayer she was hunting was the young man she counted among her closest friends Everyone s picture of a natural winner, Ted Bundy was a bright, charming, and handsome man with a promising future as an attorney But on January ,Bundy was executed for the murders of three young women and had confessed to taking the lives of at least thirty five women from coast to coast Ann Rule, who kept in constant contact with Bundy throughout the investigation, tells his story as no other person can, capturing the essence of his magnetic power, unholy compulsion, and demonic double life Available for the first time on audio, this shocking true story is an unforgettable listening experience In an emotional reading, Rule tells us about Ted Bundy the man she thought she really knewthe stranger beside her This is an interesting read but not exactly enjoyable It s such a strange scenario, accepting a commission to write about an unknown killer and then finding that it was someone you worked with If you like reading about crime, you will like this book I just don t know what it says about me that I do. Ann Rules fascinating account of her relationship with one of the most recognisable and in my opinion most fascinating serial killers in recent history Her description of him as ultimately being a shadow man hit the nail on the head for me I didn t read this book to hear the gruesome details of the crimes, I was interested to hear about Ann and Ted s conversations and correspondence in the Crisis Centre, before she realised he was a strong suspect and ultimately a convicted murderer on death row Ann takes you beyond the myth and the folklore of Ted Bundy and gives you a deeply personal, and somewhat disturbing insight into the man that continues to fascinate people almost 28 years after his death I couldn t sleep the night after I had finished the book And I shall endeavour to remember the victims, and pray those that were not recovered are some day and laid to rest in peace. What is it about Ted Bundy I knew about him and his crimes but it had been ages since I d read this book and there are several updates in it now I find it absolutely fascinating and can understand why Ann Rule still has correspondence regarding Ted Bundy to this present day and possibly from people who were not alive when the original crimes occurred Because she knew Ted and it took ages for her to believe that he could have committed such horrific crimes, makes the story even fascinating and believable Extremely interesting reading and stayed with me for long after I had finished the book Still don t know exactly what made him do what he did but possibly he never knew himself Brilliant book I really enjoyed this book It was written from an interesting, almost unbelievable perspective sometimes it was hard to remember that this is a true story and not the plot of a soap opera Very detailed insight into the crimes, life and mind of a notorious serial killer. This book gripped me Normally I would say, a good book, I liked it if the Bundy story would not be so horrific The author demonstrates aptly how she knows Bundy s personalities, yet keeps them well separated whilst trying to unravel his very dark side It is obvious she herself is still struggling understanding the reality of who Ted Bundy was She who most probably knew him best and it makes her vulnerable Very worth wile reading. Bought for my daughter I read this many years ago and it is a really awesome true story If an author wrote this as a crime fiction novel it d be okay but this is was real you can t make it up Would have given 4 stars as this book really gripped me at the start, however the second half made me lose interest slightly as the focus was on the trial and prison life and not so much the relationship between them There is turmoil from the author as her friend was clearly not the person she knew and despite not being able to fully believe his innocence at the start the fact that she remained a loyal friend and would send letters and money to him jail was hard to understand However I appreciate I have not been in such as situation Even after his execution she seemed to grief him There is a real sense of the author knowing two versions of the man and unwilling to let go of the shy and awkward young man she first met and befriended All in all a good read for any true crime enthusiast.