A world of smart devices means the Internet can kill people We need to act NowEverything is a computer Ovens are computers that make things hot refrigerators are computers that keep things cold These computersfrom home thermostats to chemical plantsare all online The Internet, once a virtual abstraction, can now sense and touch the physical worldAs we open our lives to this future, often called the Internet of Things, we are beginning to see its enormous potential in ideas like driverless cars, smart cities, and personal agents equipped with their own behavioral algorithms But every knife cuts two waysAll computers can be hacked And Internet connected computers are the most vulnerable Forget data theft cutting edge digital attackers can now crash your car, your pacemaker, and the nations power grid In Click Here to Kill Everybody, renowned expert and best selling author Bruce Schneier examines the hidden risks of this new realityAfter exploring the full implications of a world populated by hyperconnected devices, Schneier reveals the hidden web of technical, political, and market forces that underpin the pervasive insecurities of today He then offers common sense choices for companies, governments, and individuals that can allow us to enjoy the benefits of this omnipotent age without falling prey to its vulnerabilitiesFrom principles for aresilient Internet of Things, to a recipe for sane government regulation and oversight, to a better way to understand a truly new environment, Schneiers vision is required reading for anyone invested in human flourishing