In the th anniversary edition of this number one best selling property book, experienced property investor Simon Zutshi will share with you some of the secrets behind his Property Mastermind Programme so that you can learn how to build a property portfolio and replace your income using other people s time, money and experience The book is designed to open your mind and stimulate your thinking to make you aware of some of the current possibilities available to you in the world of property investing It is packed full of inspirational case studies to help build your personal belief of what you could achieve, in a relatively short amount of time, by investing in property Although this book is focused on investing in the UK property market, the concept of finding and helping motivated sellers to reach an ethical win win solution works in every property market all over the world You can build your personal wealth whilst helping other people solve their property problems

11 thoughts on “Property Magic (Audio Download): Simon Zutshi, Simon Zutshi, Panoma Press: Audible Audiobooks

  1. massimiliano s massimiliano s says:

    Very disappointed The book has virtually no content There is also a never ending list of case study about motivated buyers which I think is at least quite dubious I stopped reading at page 93 the Tony Law Case Study In this specific case study the investor bought a house from a couple with disabilities for a 30% discount as this would have put the couple in a strong position when purchasing a new property Really

  2. Rowena Rowena says:

    I love this book There are loads of really creative strategies, but my favourite part is where Simon Zutshi talks about the importance of ethics and treating people with respect His philosophy comes down to creating win win solutions He explains how you can do this in very clear and simple terms I d recommend this book to anyone interested in learning about property.

  3. Virgie Virgie says:

    So many valuable information for beginners or experience landlord or property investors.It is easy to read and organised so you get to learn progressively about the market, the strategies, the ups and downIf you have uncertainty about investing in properties, this book will give you the ABCD and Highly recommended

  4. Zed B Zed B says:

    Got this book as part of Kindle reading library and I found it extremely helpful for a beginner like me There are some really useful tips and advices in it Highly recommended.

  5. Ya Kil Ya Kil says:

    For anyone looking to invest in properties, this is an excellent book to read Simon Zutshi recommends that you join his mastermind group, arguably so, if you are serious about becoming financially independent There are lots of tips, ideas, strategies laid out in a conversational manner, almost as if you were attending a seminar Easy to read, very informative and a mind opener, this book might help decide whether property investment is good for you or not.

  6. AN AN says:

    Whilst it isn t a complete guide I urge people to read it as a supplementary book when looking into property investing.Of course you will have to do much research but this book gives you a general indications and tips that are very useful.Before reading this I was not familiar with many concepts and the variety of options I can choose to start my property portfolio.Overall I recommend this, very easy to read, only around 200 pages so you can read it in one day.

  7. the waterboy the waterboy says:

    The number one book for investing in property

  8. Customer Customer says:

    As someone new to property investing this was an excellent read and comes highly recommended.

  9. Customer Customer says:

    A very instructive book on real estate topic.

  10. Mateusz Wojtowicz Mateusz Wojtowicz says:

    An absolute must to read book Simple to digest, inspiring and full of brilliant methods to invest in properties and become financially free, whether you have money or not In short time you ll learn about property investing than most of people in that business currently know.

  11. Jasmin Tai Siew Ping Jasmin Tai Siew Ping says: