If you want to get an overview of African problems without speaning hours of research, read this book It s short It goes straight to the point and provides a wide variety of facts So, yes, I do recommend it. Great This book really provides the connection between capitalism, enslaved Africans as capital and the modern economy and how it all emerged out of the natural progressions from feudalism Very interesting This should be read with Gerald Horn s book about the United States American Revolution and the counter revolution of the enslaved African s who in large part provided a major reason for the US s breaking away from the British You really see how the victors get the spoils and get to define history. If you think this book speaks onlybon Africa, think again Read carefully, take notes, and deeply consider the wisdom of the late Mr Rodney The messenger is always the first to go Must read for understanding today s Africa It s a bit polemical, but an polemical situation After digesting this one read a few about China s work in Africa. Great read Very scientific in essence Theres much to be learned about the great empires if Africa and how Africa was looted by Europe Brilliant book A must for a library The classic work of political, economic, and historical analysis, powerfully introduced by Angela Davis In his short life, the Guyanese intellectual Walter Rodney emerged as one of the leading thinkers and activists of the anticolonial revolution, leading movements in North America, South America, the African continent, and the Caribbean In each locale, Rodney found himself a lightning rod for working class Black Power His deportation catalyzed th century Jamaica s most significant rebellion, theRodney riots, and his scholarship trained a generation how to think politics at an international scale In , shortly after founding of the Working People s Alliance in Guyana, theyear old Rodney would be assassinated In his magnum opus, How Europe Underdeveloped Africa, Rodney incisively argues that grasping the great divergence between the West and the rest can only be explained as the exploitation of the latter by the former This meticulously researched analysis of the abiding repercussions of European colonialism on the continent of Africa has not only informed decades of scholarship and activism, it remains an indispensable study for grasping global inequality today