A couple of years ago, I purchased on recommendation the amazing book The Richest Man in Babylon by George Samuel Clason written in 1926 which offers an outstanding fundamental and effective education in finance for everyone This got me interested in really handling my finance and knowing about it But where to start Andrew Craig s book is the natural follow on to Clason s book expanding the subject and explaining what is happening currently and how to literally own the world and build up wealth regardless of a low or high income.Moreover, Andrew Craig refers to many other books and individuals and recommends continuing education in the subject of finance by providing a substantial and comprehensive bibliography for further study although I am surprised Clason s book does not feature in it and perhaps Andrew is not aware that it exists If that is the case, it is a must read and should be added to the bibliography in the next edition What is incredibly evident in reading this book is that the author really wants everyone to win and do well and clearly goes out of his way to demonstrate that everyone can win and build up their wealth for retirement and earlier by understanding the fundamentals of finance and how to invest your money His wanting to help just oozes from the pages and I tip my hat to him.Get this book and also The Richest Man in Babylon by Clason which you can get on Then from that springboard of really useful education, start on the road to financial security and study up on I just wish I had known all this when I was in my early 20s We are educating my teenage children in the methods and they are getting it We are confident that they will enjoy financial security their entire life and we are already seeing results.Very well done Andrew This book was recommended by others as a must read.As an accountant and company business analyst, I have a bit of a head start on the financial background side I ve always had an interest in finance and investments but with the half stories caught on the media and the plethora of books and data available, I have always struggled to put things together in a succinct manner My excuse is that I never studied higher level economics oops Accordingly, it has been difficult to have a plan to manage my savings I found this book enlightening in that it concisely explains a lot of the misleading information I can see out there and puts it in a neat explanation for a basic diversified investment plan to save for retirement As with all these things, the younger you start to learn, the better I would highly recommend this book It is an easy read, I couldn t put it down It speaks in common sense language which makes it easy to follow. Although, I know next to nothing about finances, this book was an easy read and taught me a lot I have one small criticism though On the example of how powerful compounding is, the author states that if a wealthy relative invested 5000 on the day a child was born, it would be worth 945,000 on the child s 55th birthday I would like to know how much this money would actually be worth in terms of purchasing money after 55 years of inflationary erosion Perhaps the author should have included inflation in his calculations in order to give a realistic figure If I was a complete novice this would in many ways be a good book to encourage me get into investing However I fear it falls short by rather hastily skipping over the practical steps necessary to actually get started, potentially leaving the reader rather at a loss as to what to do next Whether the reason for this lies with the author s stated objective of avoiding detailing any investment platform by name, I can t decide I note though that this reluctance to name any platform suddenly and rather contradictorily disappears out of the window when it comes to giving a massive plug for a certain gold bullion trading platform. Everyone needs to take charge of their financial affairs and this book shows you how.Andrew Craig believes that you owe it to yourself to learn about money and investment because doing so is life changing He has worked in the City of London for over twenty years and in 2011, he founded the personal finance website, plainenglishfinance.co.uk to help people improve their finances Since then he has appeared in numerous publications including Mail on Sunday, CityAM, The Spectator, Shares, MoneyWeek, YourMoney, This Is Money and Money Observer He has been interviewed on Bloomberg and Shares Radio and on IG TV, was featured in Russell Brand and Michael Winterbottom s 2015 film The Emperor s New Clothes and interviewed by Eamonn Holmes for the Channel 5 programme How the Other Half Live.