This is a bundle of two blogging booksMake Money Blogging A Super Short Beginner s Guide to Blogging for Profit Using Affiliate Marketing Secrets to Earn a Passive Income Through Writing Blog Posts and Make Money Blogging A Super Short Advanced Guide to Blogging for Profit Using Affiliate Marketing Secrets to Earn a Passive Income Through Writing Blog Posts Upon completing these two books, you will have learned everything you need to know to earn a living from blogging Thus, if earning a living by blogging is your goal, then you most definitely picked up the right book to teach you that The reality of the situation is that blogging is not hard If you write, you can blog Why most don t actually take advantage of the great opportunity of blogging is largely because most people are simply too busy with their jobs or with school to take action to actually set up a blog and start writing blog posts Then you have those people who do have the time and the drive who set up their blog, but simply don t have a clue as to how to properly monetize their blog To make matters worse, there is a lot of misinformation going around that teaches people the wrong way to monetize things, so many with blogs, who turn to the Internet to try to find information about how to monetize their blogs, are disappointed when they find out that what they ve been told to do isn t actually working The reality is that no one who knows how to earn a profit from their blog is going to post that information on the Internet for free because they could use that same time actually blogging and making money from their own blog The aim of this bundle of two blogging books is to reveal the truth and set you straight on how to properly monetize a blog The first book in this bundle will teach you how to actually build a blog and how to set up a basic monetization strategy The second book will take you into some advanced strategies that should really improve the level of income that your blog is producing It will give you an edge over many other bloggers who already have their blogs monetized because most other bloggers are simply not implementing the advanced strategies that this book reveals Consider this bundle of books to be the ultimate road manual to steer you in the right direction as far as blogging goes It will teach you everything you need to know and will give you both the foundation, as well as the advanced strategies which will ensure that you have everything you need to actually make money with your blog Enjoy