Get the best out of yourECHO SHOW Learn how to set up and start using your smart device in less thanhour This book is an instruction manual written essentially to help you in SETTING UP, CUSTOMIZING and MANAGING your Echo Show smart device for optimum performance It is written both for Beginners and Advanced Users alikeEEBIESThis book comes with even a powerful FREE eBook titled Mastering Alexa in One Day with OverVoice Commands Its big Its rich and it s completely free when you buy this book Dont miss itDownload this eBook for FREE when you buy the Paperback version In a nutshell, you d learn inside this book How to set up and customize yourEcho Show to your tasteThe meaning of the Visual Indicators on the Echo Show Home ScreenHow to pair your Mobile Device with the Echo ShowHow to connect your Echo Show to a Bluetooth SpeakerHow to have Alexa recognize and relate with you personally viaUser ProfileHow to set up anHousehold Profile for a personalized experience w other family membersHow to manage your PhotosHow to use your Prime Photos as Background Images or set up a slideshow with themHow to change your Echo Show and Smart Home Devices nameHow to Disable a Smart Home DeviceHow to protect your Voice PurchasesHow to delete your Voice Recordings from Alexa s historyHow to set up Music Services with Pandora, TuneIn, iHeartRadio, Spotify, Deezer, SiriusXM, etcHow to set up Multi Room Music with theEcho ShowHow to link your Calendar to Alexa and add entries to itHow to connect your Echo Remote to Echo ShowHow to restart or reset your Echo ShowHow to create customize Skills for Alexa via Alexa BlueprintHow your Echo Show can help with Cooking StepsHow to use your Echo Show as a Security CameraHow to create Alexa Routines with the Echo ShowHow to build a Smart HomeHow to create a group for your Smart Home Devices and control members of a group with a single voice commandHow to shopsecurely with AlexaHow to create and manage your Shopping To do listHow to play games on your Echo ShowHow to link your Email, send SMS or make Video Audio callsHow to watch Videos Movies on the Echo ShowHow to watch YouTube VideosHow to watch TV Shows and Movies from Hulu and NBCHow to watch Movie Trailers from IMDBHow to watch yourVideo

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