It s not often I ll leave a review, but this book left me quite frustrated It s my fault, I should have read what the book was about, but after only reading the books title I instantly bought it.The book is 150 odd pages of the same information, just regurgitated in different ways It s also very promotional to the other content this author has done, be it books, magazines or businesses.It s very obvious that saving 10% of your salary each month with interest on top is going to accumulate over time The same goes for wanting to lose weight, if you reduce your intake by whatever each day then of course you ll lose weight.This whole book is based on common sense, rather than the motivational JUMPSTART the cover claims it to be.In all honesty, it s not worth buying if you just sit for an hour and have a really good think about your goals and break them down step by step, it ll have the same effect on your life and you ll have saved yourself 10. Excellent book love it I read tonnes but to be honest there are few books that really hit home With this one I have implemented the compound effect not only with saving, but debt clearance, achieving goals etc Whilst I m not there yet my whole perspective on life has changed because I ve made it a rule to keep asking myself how I can enhance my life, in the present moment with the compound effect So it s been a positive learning experience for me really glad I bought and read this. If you ve read a few of the classic self help books, there s nothing new here And, it has only one message and that is do good things in small measure repeatedly over a long period and you can pretty much ensure you ll receive an ever increasing return for your efforts Despite its lack of novelty and singular message, I d recommend reading it nonetheless as this really is the only way to get consistent long term results in all that you do I found it quite inspiring if only to reinforce and remind me of something I already knew. Since reading this book I have discovered the secret of life again and I ve been promoted at work so I am now a crew trainer instead of working on the drive thru Onwards and upwards I ve recently been suffering from procrastination This book appealed to me as I knew I had to do something to regain consistency in my online business Initially I was skeptical to the price of this book 10 for a 200 page book Having read half of it so far I can say it s definitely worth every penny This book has totally shifted my mindset about attaining goals The author talks about taking little seemingly insignificant steps daily, which in time compounds to amazing success He encourages you to be the tortoise in the Hare and the tortoise story Most people want instant gratification which isn t the way to achieve long term success Man, this one is difficult to review I m completely torn about it but I opted for a 4 instead of 3 rating, simply because I found the actual content about the Compound Effect really strong and it was exactly what I needed to read at this point in my life.Having said that, Hardy is insufferable and arrogant, and his writing and references to Karen saying this and Tom doing that really grated on me There was undoubtedly a level of bulls t with many of his anecdotes, and the constant harping on about SUCCESS Magazine was a bit repetitive and unnecessary.A mixed bag here for sure, but the message about the Compound Effect is clear and simple and something that I will carry with me for life, as well as recommend to my friends and familywith the caveat of taking Hardy himself with a pinch of salt.This isn t a get rich fit thin quick plan It teaches the value of hard work and consistency with some action plans included, and that is, I think, something people need to understand. I have read and continue to read a lot of mindset and self help books, and this is one of the best I have read The Compound Effect contains the essence of what every super achiever needs to know, practice, and master to obtain extraordinary success Inside you will hear strategies on How to win every time Eradicating the bad habits that are derailing your progress Painlessly installing the few key disciplines required for major breakthroughs The real, lasting keys to gaining and sustaining motivation Capturing the elusive, awesome force of momentum The acceleration secrets of superachievers Inside you will learn how to get the success you desire and the life you deserve Seller giving fake book The book cost nearly 800 rs and quality of the book is horrible Page quality is worse and pages smell of dye Better to buy this book from a book store as this knockoff product.returning back the product. The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy publisher of SUCCESS magazine is definitely one of the most powerful books in self development genre This is not another self help book which tells us about the power of our thoughts, this book give us real and practical techniques which we can apply in our life The main focus of the book is on the power of few good habits and the positive impact it can have on our lives if applied consistently This book will compel you to do the work needed to improve your life If you want to invest in only one book to improve your life, THIS IS IT.