The seventh book in the best selling Danny Black seriesA series of gruesome killings take place in Dubai, Ghana and America The victims are all connected with the SAS In Hereford Danny Black realises they have something specific in common they were all involved in training a young Muslim soldier, Ibrahim Khan Khan has been working undercover in Islamic State in a mission organised by MI Danny Black sets out to track him down with the help of Khan s MI handler on a trail that leads him to a library of ancient manuscripts in Damascus, the Syrian desert and finally back in the Brecon Beacons There Danny discovers that he has finally met his match, his deadliest enemy and it is the last person he ever expected I like Ryan s stories they are detailed and realistic The complexities of the plot in this story kept me reading until the end. Read this really quickly Very fast paced, couldn t put it down Really good set of characters Can t wait for the next one. The premise is actually very clever, no spoilers , but it involves some interesting ideas gleaned from how the Secret Services Intelligence counter intelligence go about things.What s wrong with it, is that, this clever idea just has the bare bones of a story thrown at it, with Danny Black the only real player , going through the motions, through an infuriatingly short book, that s as linear and generic as it comes.It s a real waste of such a brilliant idea, could have been a classic.A real shame.I would add that the rest of the Danny Black series books 1 6, by contrast are all 5 reads and very much worth your time and money. Very disappointed with the latest Danny Black novel This is a book series I really enjoy Not this one however Sadly the world of identity politics has seeped into Chris Ryan s writing.This novel sees a female antagonist with a pretty weak, unbelievable, revenge story This is supposed to be a twist but is telegraphed miles away.Chris also manages to slip in the phrase Mansplain several times Pandering to an audience that is highly unlikely to read any of his stuff Giant cringe Chris, you re better than this.