Overbillion online messages are sent on digital platforms every day, and only a select few succeed in the mad scramble for customer attention This means that the question for anyone who wants to gain mass exposure for their transformative content, business, or brand or connect with audiences around the globe is no longer if they should use social media but how to best take advantage of the numerous different platforms How can you make a significant impact in the digital world and stand out among all the noise Digital strategist and growth hacker Brendan Kane has the answer and will show you how indays or less A wizard of the social media sphere, Kane has built online platforms for A listers including Taylor Swift and Rihanna He s advised brands such as MTV, Skechers, Vice, and IKEA on how to establish and grow their digital audience and engagement Kane has spent his career discovering the best tools to turn any no name into a top influencer simply by speaking into a camera or publishing a popular blog and now he ll share his secrets with you In One Million Followers, Kane will teach you how to gain an authentic, dedicated, and diverse online following from scratch create personal, unique, and valuable content that will engage your core audience and build a multi media brand through platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat, and LinkedIn Featuring in depth interviews with celebrities, influencers, and marketing experts, including Chris Barton, cofounder and board director of Shazam and former head of Android business development for Google Ray Chan, CEO and cofounder of GAG Julius Dein, internet personality and magician with nearlymillion Facebook followers Mike Jurkovac, Emmy Award winner and creative director of willi and the Black Eyed Peas Phil Ranta, former COO of Studio and VP of network at Fullscreen Eamonn Carey, managing director at Techstars London Jonathan Skogmo, founder and CEO of Jukin Media, Inc Jon Jashni, founder of Raintree Ventures and former president and chief creative officer of Legendary Entertainment One Million Followers is the ultimate guide to building your worldwide brand and unlocking all the benefits social media has to offer It s time to stop being a follower and start being a leader

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  1. Jeannie Zelos Jeannie Zelos says:

    One Million followers, How I Built a Massive Social Following in 30 Days, Brendan Kane.Review from Jeannie Zelos book reviewsGenre Business and Investing, Nonfiction Adult Like many of the cough slightly older generation I m not altogether au fait with how the internet works I use social media, blog about art and books, but actual publicity Nope, my growth is just something that happens, I ve little idea on how to influence it, so the title of this book intrigued me 30 days I could do thatcouldn t I Well, the answer is no I could if pushed spend 30 days promoting my site but without substantial financial input that wouldn t get me too far Its not really clear from the title but this book is aimed at growing followers by spending money Admittedly there s lots of info on how best to do that, where to place it for maximum use, but I suspect most folk like me just don t have a spare few thousand lying around to use on promotion.I was expecting advice on how to make sites relevant, how to make them attractive to visitors, pull then in that way and thus followers would be ones to stick around, but most of this appears to be about Getting the followers, not keeping them A kind of Blunderbuss effect, throw a site in front of millions of folk and hope some click Follow TBH one million people who don t read books or are not interested in art, wouldn t help me even if I spend money I haven t got on getting them.Its interesting reading in parts, bogged down in others, and I found myself skipping fairly huge chunks of it It didn t really tell me much I didn t already know, and wasn t really relevant to me as a small blogger.If you ve a biggish company with a promotional budget, I suspect you ll find lots of helpful information here, but my little blogs don t really compare to the sites of Taylor Swift, Rhianna, MTV et al, and without substantial inputs of money most folk aren t going to achieve anything like one million followers.Stars Three, some parts were interesting to read but most just not relevant to the average small site owner.ARC supplied by Netgalley and Publishers

  2. Barbara Barbara says:

    I was very keen to read this book, due to the catchy title and with the current rise of social media platforms I thought it was time to take the leap and really understand this new method of transforming a business.However, this book was far too repetitive and used the same case studies and people in every chapter The main message from this book was spend 10k on adverts and keep trying Alternate the target market, demographics and country of targeting But that is it, keep trying Trial and error.I was hoping for a in depth review or step by step guide on these different tests to conduct, rather than the constant bombardment of famous name dropping.

  3. LJ SCOTT LJ SCOTT says:

    I bought this book after listening to Brendan on the Finding Mastery podcast The book outlines exactly how you can build a big following by creating relevant and valuable content and testing it against worldwide audiences I tried this method and took content that had worked with a UK audience and pushed it out worldwide In one day I increased my following by 3,000 and the engagement went up as well all for 13 So read the book and take action, test and see what works for you

  4. Gareth Dakin Gareth Dakin says:

    For anyone looking to build a following or even just understand social marketing this is exactly the book to buy I was impressed with how well structured the book is, you can pick it up, read a couple of chapters in a short time and soak that information in really easily For me, someone who struggles to take information from a written page, that s a massive plus Whether you re attempting to build a personal brand like me, sell a product or market an already fully fledged business this book will guide you, perfectly, through the tasks you need to do All without ramming too much information and jargon down your throat.

  5. Fabrizio Poli Fabrizio Poli says:

    This is a book about social media, written by someone with results and knows what he is talking about His basic philosophy is to initially go for high numbers and then focus on niche and the way to do that is aim for emerging markets, where ads are a lot cheaper.Very good read and highly recommended to anyone that is in business.