Do you want to learn how to create a remarkable passive income stream in a matter of weeks Are you interested in learning advanced concepts and strategies that will help you to gain huge profits through day trading If you are ready to up level your skills in day trading and increase your success with this investment strategy, this is just the right audiobook for you Keep listening There are tons of options to choose from when it comes to investment One great way to invest your money is with day trading Day traders focus on the daily fluctuations in the market Even securities that have an uptrend will be able to work with day trading because they constantly go up and down As the name indicates, day traders must buy and sell within the same day Even though the stock market is the most common place to work with trading, it isn t the only option You can do day trading with the Forex market, futures, options, and cryptocurrencies as well You ll also benefit from being able to earn a good amount of income even if the market is in a downturn Day trading is a challenging and interesting job you can work from home Many people have found success with turning day trading into their full time income This requires learning the ins and outs of the market and dedicating enough resources, capital, and time to work on it Turning this into your career will not happen overnight You must take time to practice and refine various strategies In Day Trading PlaybookIntermediate Guide to the Best Intraday Strategies and Setups for Profiting on Stocks, Options, Forex, and Cryptocurrencies, David Reese helps you move out of the realm of the beginner and into a continued exploration of day trading This is the second audiobook in a series of three Here are some of the practical topics you will learn about How to sell short and make money Key criteria for selecting and moving stocks Breakouts and how to use them to keep you ahead of the curve How to take profits with the pullback strategy Strategies for day trading in cryptocurrencies and the Forex market How to know when you re ready to start trading on your own And much If you are good at doing the necessary research, keeping emotions out of the game, and setting realistic goals, with some time and effort, you ll start to see some amazing results with profits and a full time passive income If you are ready to dive deeper into day trading, then be sure to check out this guidebook to take it to the next level Start enhancing your day trading skills today scroll up and click the Buy Now button

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    This book is OK, if your just starting out and are looking for a few setups to practice.

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