Do you want learn how to build a PenTest Lab but you dont know where to start Do you want a practical book that explains step by step how to get going Do you want to become an Ethical Hacker or PenTesterIf the answer is yes to the above questions, this book is for you Frequently Asked QuestionsQuestion I am new to IT, and I dont have any experience in the field of Hacking, should I get this book Answer This book is designed to those interested in Penetration Testing aka Ethical Hacking, and having limited, or no experience in the realm of Cybersecurity Question I am not a hacker Are there any technical prerequisites for reading this book Answer No This book is written in everyday English, and no technical experience required Question I have been reading similar books before, but I am still not sure if I should buy this book How do I know this book is any good Answer This book is written by a Security Architect, having over a decade of experience on platforms such as Cisco Systems, Checkpoint, Palo Alto, Brocade, Back Track Kali Linux, RedHat Linux, CentOS, Orion, Prime, DLP, IPS, IDS, Nexus, and muchLearning from someone with real life experience is extremely valuable You will learn about real life technologies and methodologies used in todays IT Infrastructure, and Cybersecurity Division.BUY THIS BOOK NOW, AND GET STARTED TODAY IN THIS BOOK YOU WILL LEARN What are the Foundations of Penetration TestingWhat are the Benefits of Penetration TestingWhat are the Frameworks of Penetration TestingWhat Scanning Tools you should be AwareWhat Credential Testing Tools you must UtilizeWhat Debugging Software Assurance Tools are AvailableIntroduction to OSINT Wireless ToolsWhat is a Web Proxy, SET RDPWhat Mobile Tools you should be familiar withHow Communication must take placeHow to Cover your BackHow to Setup a Lab in NPEHow to Setup Hyper V on Windows 10How to Setup VMware on Windows 10How to Assemble the Required ResourcesHow to Install Windows Server in VMwareHow to Configure Windows Server in VMwareHow to Install Windows Server in Hyper VHow to Configure Windows Server in Hyper VHow to Install Configure OWASP BWA in VMwareHow to Install Configure Metasploitable in VMwareHow to Install Kali Linux in VMwareHow to Install BlackArch in Hyper VWhat Categories of Penetration Tests existsWhat Software Hardware you must have as a PenTesterUnderstanding ConfidentialityWhat are the Rules of EngagementHow to set Objectives DeliverablesWhat Type of Targets you must deal withSpecialized Systems for Pen TestersHow to Identify Response to RiskHow to Prepare your Pen Test Team for an EngagementWhat are the Best Practices before Going LiveBUY THIS BOOK NOW, AND GET STARTED TODAY The parts are short, contain various utilitarian points of reference, and should be straightforward for perusers who need to get some answers concerning the subject It requires little coding establishment, in spite of the way that nature with a programming language would be helpful. This book is a great book This guide actually gives a glimpse of what hackers do and the types of hacking available As much as we correlate hacking as bad, there are actually types of hacking that has benefits This book detailed on the whites,black and grey hackers and the tools they use I really like this one. A really good book for beginners Covers a lot of the basics, giving a good overview of a lot of the different operations involved.Just enough information to either whet your appetite for further study or let you know you really aren t that interested in penetration testing and hacking. I liked this guide and I am glad to have it on my Kindle I highly recommend this book for someone who is interested in Hacking.The book is targeted towards beginners who have never hacked before and are not familiar with any of the terms in hacking but also for someone that is looking to learn tips and tricks regarding hacking.