It drifts from topic to topic without much of a thread Lost interest in places and had to remind myself to carry on. It s all about the author bragging about their connections with psychopaths Very boring Unless you re the author who thinks them self second only to God. This book is filled with repetition and the author constantly stating he has a limited word count which he so brilliantly uses through repetition I have a limited word count so I must keep repeating I have a limited word count to use up words Okay He also refers to a lot of his past work and other people s books therefore filling his pages with other people s words It is just one step away from plagiarism to be honest except he did cite them Then he repeatedly uses the phrase, where elephants fly, lead balls bounce and fairies reign supreme You know Christopher, once would have sufficed but you had to repeat this numerous times to the point that I was irate at this stupid phrase I felt like he really didn t know what to write for this book and I am sorry I wasted my money on it The most interesting part is where I put the book down Christopher Berry Dee has been severely criticised by some readers of Talking with Psychopaths and Savages for presenting himself as arrogant, full of self praise and even accused of being narcissistic This may well be true, and I sincerely hope the author is not offended by this, he may well agree But would an unassuming, self effacing personality have had the success that CBD had in out manipulating the manipulators when extracting vital information from some of the world s most heinous serial offenders when they had nothing to gain by revealing what law enforcement agencies had failed to do.In this book, we read about his fishing strategy to massage their egos and find a way in In some cases, he would seek common ground, an interest, which the offender would profess to be expert and use this to peel back onion like protective layers of false truths, false personas, to get to what the justice system and victims families needed to know.Christopher Berry Dee is no ordinary psychologist and we need like him to understand the minds of these predatory people, unlike some psychiatrists who have released murderers deeming them unlikely to kill again, at the cost of the loss of innocent lives.A praiseworthy, fascinating book that gives insight into the minds of psychopaths and savages and the good and the bad of how legal and healthcare professionals deal with them. Definitely worth reading, a little bit self indulgent from the author at times and goes a bit off tangent in places but I ve read a few of his books now and been fascinated by all of them Repeats himself a lot zzzzzzz I love all of Christopher s books This one so far has been my least favourite, although still a good read but not a great read i have just ordered another book of his Serial Killers Most Evil And have just finished another 2 books of Christopher s He is a great writer and i will continue to read lots of his books. Le sujet du livre est original, et ce dernier est tr s bien r dig L auteur a fait une documentation rigoureuse afin d expliquer des concepts plus scientifiques Le livre n est pas trop long lire non plus, et l auteur parvient capter notre int r t jusqu la fin Je recommande, excellent ouvrage. I wrapped duct tape around her mouth and her nose and watched her suffocate to deaththen I went back to workFormer Colonel David Russell Williams of the Royal Canadian Air Force,Sunday Times best selling author Christopher Berry Dee is back with a companion volume that delves even deeper into the savage world of psychopaths and their hideous crimes This time, however, he combines sections on killers whom he has known, interviewed or corresponded with, with studies of psychopathic serial killers from the past, including Peter K rten, the D sseldorf Monster John Christie, responsible for the killings atRillington Place and Neville Heath, a ladykiller in every sense of the word The result is a chilling narrative that sets the forensic examination of killers and their crimes within the context of murder in the th and st centuries, an examination of the evil mind set against the insoluble problem of identifying psychopaths who kill This is not a book for the squeamish, but it is undeniably fascinating in its portrayal of just what one human being will do to others while all too often moving among us unnoticed and unhindered If their crimes seem as incomprehensible as they are horrific, it is undeniably true that the world s most savage killers may be much closer than we think I thought I d love this book but I couldn t have been wrong unfortunately I thought it would be really exciting and interesting, delving into the minds of some of the worst serial killers but I didn t find what had been written all that interesting or surprising The chapters for me just didn t flow and I found it a bit dull nothing to rave about.