Great read and easy to see why Terry is so well known on TeessideJamie s books have a unique style and it s one that makes these types of books enjoyable as you feel the subject is actually telling you the tales rather than you are reading themKeep them coming Once again another very interesting book on Terry Dicko written by Jamie Boyle,,Ordered it earlier today on kindle and have just finished it..Well done Brilliant Book The story itself is OK but the grammar is unbelievable, words missing all over, is warcry press run by little children, absolutely amazed, very amateurish, some real funny tales though Disappointing Enjoyed reading this bookiv know terry dico for a while and find him great companyfunny as hell heard a lot of stories about his past now ive heard it from the man himself Well what can I say another exellent Read it s brill reading about the good old packet days and Terry was a gent back then and still is today This is the follow up to the best selling book Laughter, Madness and MayhemAgain Terry Dicko talks straight all things Teesside in general Spanning fom his time with his good friend the notorious Lee Duffy, to debt collecting with the which was big Brian Cockerill From running his illegal bar The Steam Packet, to well known characters from his beloved town of MiddlesbroughThe Madness Continues is full of hilarious tales from the crazy man of Boro If you re from Middlesbrough it s good to recognise some people and places I m tired of hearing Lee Duffy as a legend when he was a simple bully that hit too many innocent people for nothing.