This book attempts to explore all you need to know regarding Infrastructure as Code IaC It will assist you in making informed decisions, if you have plans to implement IaCAs part of the DevOps practices, IaC offers the ability to manage, configure, and create complex infrastructures by means of executable code When adopting IaC, the infrastructure is managed by defining the preferred state of the infrastructure in source files, and using a tool to help facilitate that The source files consist of templates, policy definitions, configuration, code, and other related assetsA better infrastructure delivery can help improve the important aspects of software delivery performance that drive business outcomes These include time to restore service, change failure rate, lead time for changes, and deployment frequencyWhat Youll Learn Understand how IaC worksExplore tools and services for updating running servers, building server templates, and provisioning serversLearn about immutable infrastructure and the tools needed to implement itComprehend how to make an object reproducibleDiscover the best practices for managing a dynamic infrastructureAnd lots