Fun, funny, and educational Every dragon lover or serious student of dragons needs to own this book Charity, this means you The fact that I am a library dragon,and the voice of the Platteview Central Homework Hotline, made my favorite quote from this book a no brainer The dangers of seeking homework help even from friendly dragons should never be underestimated. This indispensable workbook teaches everything you need to know to become an esteemed dragonologistAttention, devoted dragonology students How many classic riddles do you know that could help you survive a dragon encounter What dragon species attacks its victims with a frosty blast instead of a jet of flame Which historical questions should you ask a dragon in order to estimate its age Can you write your name using only dragon runes Contained in this beautifully designed, comprehensive course book are invisibility spells to memorize, charts to complete, maps to shade in, matching exercises to do, journal entries to write, experiments to conduct, even instructions for making a dragon attractor Among the volume s charming novelty elements are Dr Drake s own school report card A pullout official ID card from the Secret Ancient Society ofDragonologists Four sheets of stickers featuring dragons, gems, vintage ads and posters and This book is so cool beacause it teaches you about dragons and how to train and tame and feed them and it teaches how to speak dragon launguage and the pages look cool.This kind of realates to me beacause i like to make secrat launguages like this book teaches you.Also at the end of the book it gives you sentinses to practice on.Overall this was a great book and i loved it. Read this in elementary and really influenced me, even today as an almost adult still hooked onto the thought of taking care of dragons Pretty sure all the info in all his books is what really sparked the imagination in me and i highly recommend it for those quiet kids obsessed with mythical creatures Most of the credit for the book s high rating goes to how beautifully designed it is The care and details that went into it are amazing.The text is educational and interactive, constantly pushing readers to do their own research outside of the book and compare their findings I m pretty sure a little kid who geeks out over dragons would love this.And there are stickers This is such a wonderfully fun book for kids of most ages The little surprise envelopes with secrets, all those cool stickers, solving the puzzle Gonna have to getto enjoy for when the grandkids get big enough. A fun handbook that is a companion to the main Dragonology book in this series There are beautiful illustrations to go with the stories and riddles in this book Fun activities for kids to work on while learning about different types of dragons. It s cute, I like it, but I m obviously not the target audience for this. Fun for kids Great companion book full of activities