A riveting historical narrative of the heart stopping events surrounding the assassination of Abraham Lincoln, and the first work of history from mega bestselling author Bill O Reilly The anchor of The O Reilly Factor recounts one of the most dramatic stories in American history how one gunshot changed the country forever In the spring of 1865, the bloody saga of America s Civil War finally comes to an end after a series of increasingly harrowing battles President Abraham Lincoln s generous terms for Robert E Lee s surrender are devised to fulfill Lincoln s dream of healing a divided nation, with the former Confederates allowed to reintegrate into American society But one man and his band of murderous accomplices, perhaps reaching into the highest ranks of the U.S government, are not appeased.In the midst of the patriotic celebrations in Washington D.C., John Wilkes Booth charismatic ladies man and impenitent racist murders Abraham Lincoln at Ford s Theatre A furious manhunt ensues and Booth immediately becomes the country s most wanted fugitive Lafayette C Baker, a smart but shifty New York detective and former Union spy, unravels the string of clues leading to Booth, while federal forces track his accomplices The thrilling chase ends in a fiery shootout and a series of court ordered executions including that of the first woman ever executed by the U.S government, Mary Surratt Featuring some of history s most remarkable figures, vivid detail, and page turning action, Killing Lincoln is history that reads like a thriller http catalog.loc.gov cgi bin Pwebre

10 thoughts on “Killing Lincoln: The Shocking Assassination that Changed America Forever

  1. Stephanie Stephanie says:

    You know what my biggest problem with this book is Bill O Reilly I just can t get past the fact that a pompous, bombastic talk show host gets to write a best selling historical non fiction book when there are real historians you know, the kind with Ph.D.s that know how to use footnotes that can t even find jobs To be fair, it s very readable O Reilly and his co author who, alas, no one will remember write in a very engaging manner They do fall into the trap of over speculating, saying that people did or said things that I really can t imagine anyone knowing for sure those aforementioned footnotes could have helped It s equally clear to me that uber conservative O Reilly can t help but view and portray the entire Lincoln assassination through his own very biased lens I hope that readers don t mistake this for an impartial, scholarly history.In the end, I preferred Sarah Vowell s Assassination Vacation. It s just as entertaining and readable as Killing Lincoln. It also lacked footnotes, and Vowell s own liberal tendencies are equally evident The difference is that Vowell does t even suggest that her book is a true history book it s of a travelogue or memoir or long essay I would have liked Killing Lincoln better if it were classified as something like speculative non fiction.

  2. Leslie Leslie says:

    Just for the record Bill O Reilly is a conceited ass His book jacket description of himself gag almost made me not read the book, but alas, it s this month s bookclub choice, and since I attend every book club without fail I did indeed give in to peer pressure Other than being terribly sad and kindof a downer obviously, it wasn t that bad Lots of interesting details were included I d never heard of before, and the novel form made it easier to read even if they did wildly speculate some of the time I wouldn t expect anything less of O Reilly though so no surprises there Anyone who says he s the most popular political commentator of all time is really good at spewing bullcrap, er I mean, wildly speculating.

  3. babyhippoface babyhippoface says:

    When I walked into the theater to see the movie Secretariat , I already knew Secretariat had won the Triple Crown Still, my anxiety and my pulse increased during every race scene, and I cheered every victory I chalk that up to terrific storytelling and a great director And that s the same way I felt about this book.Obviously, I knew what was going to happen before I read page one, but I found myself hoping someone would stop arrogant and narcissistic John Wilkes Booth before he could carry out his plan Ooh, that guy really made me mad And that stupid, lazy, and irresponsible guard who left his post at Ford s Theater on April 14, I wanted to smack him I gained new respect for players in the story I hadn t known much about before, lost some for others, and am still wondering what to think about others Stanton, I ve got my eye on you.Barring some amazing historical discovery of hidden documents, we will probably never know much about Lincoln s assassination than we do right now O Reilly and Dugard researched thoroughly resources are referenced, though not in distracting footnotes and included different theories of the events in their storytelling Words and thoughts attributed to people in the book come from diaries and personal narratives written by those people or others involved The authors have done a terrific job of turning history into a thriller Battle scenes were dynamic and described as though they were being witnessed first hand Of course, that s because those details came from diaries written at the time I guarantee, I retained of the facts surrounding this event than I would have if I d read a typical historical book on the subject I d recommend this to anyone who is a Civil War buff, a Lincoln fan, or likes thrillers in general This isn t a typical read for me, but I have the highest respect for Abraham Lincoln and all he stood for in the face of hatred and injustice, so I was interested in this book I really, really liked it When I started reading it, I went to the library and checked out a couple of big, coffee table type books on Lincoln so I could find photos of people and places this book talked about I read about the same events, the same theories My guess is that many people who criticized this book harshly did so because they have a personal problem with Bill O Reilly than anything else Some reviewers here on goodreads complain about many historical inaccuracies but fail to mention any specifically, which lends credence to that theory, I think The book is well written, exciting, and kept me interested until the very end The only problem was that this time, Secretariat was shot before he could reach the finish line.

  4. Sandra Sandra says:

    I read some of the Goodreads reviews for this book and honestly, some of them are just stupid commentaries on Bill O Reilly, the TV talk show host I already know who Bill O Reilly is and didn t want anyone to opine just tell me what you thought of the book, for Pete s sake Yes, Bill O Reilly has written books and no, I hadn t read any of them This one was on loan to me by a friend and I wasn t inspired to read it until after I saw the movie, Lincoln I agree with the reviews that describe the book as readable It is all that.I believe that Mr O Reilly directed this work toward readers who would not want to be bothered with the old fashioned intrusive footnotes but might be interested in reading history I mention this because one of the silly reviews took Mr O Reilly to task for his lack The references and resources are listed and reading suggestions are included in the back of the book Maybe this intelligent reviewer missed that because she was too busy looking down her nose This book is not a doctoral dissertation, nor is it intended to be one It s for readers who want to be engaged and on the scene in the last days of the war and surrender The power of this book is the story, the larger than life Lincoln, the pivotal time in the history of our country and the forces of evil personified by John Wilkes Booth Mr O Reilly doesn t stand in the way, he takes you there to experience the days preceding and following Lincoln s assassination Don t read this unless you want to experience this era and the people who helped to shape our destiny as a country.

  5. Britany Britany says:

    I kept hearing about this book and no matter what your politics are, this story is worth reading I listened on audio the author, Bill O Reilly narrates which can be grating at times if I m being truly honest, but he is passionate I found myself on the end of my seat literally Even though, we all know the story about the assassination of Abraham Lincoln, I never knew all the details that led up to that detrimental night This felt like a narrative thriller than a historical non fiction account I also came to find out that I am related to Samuel Arnold a confederate sympathizer, one that was involved in the conspiracy to capture Lincoln This is a book that everyone should read in their lifetime, one that I think should be taught in high school history class A book that I constantly found myself sharing interesting tidbits with every person that I came across John Wilkes Booth was a handsome actor and only 26 years old I can only imagine what went through his head

  6. Jennifer Jennifer says:

    LOVED this book I don t love that a great man was killed, but I love the way this book was put together It did feel like a suspense novelbut full of history and truths that I have never heard about.I liked how the chapters headed with the date and the time, and switched back and forth between Pres Lincoln and JW Booth I feel it gave both sides very well You could almost understand the feelings Booth had and his reasoning for what he did, in his mind anyway I was doing very well just reading the book without much emotion until after Pres Lincoln was shot and they were trying to take care of him The sadness of Mrs Lincoln in unimaginable to me, and they way the people around realized that this was a moment in history that the world would know Some people took advantage of it for their own gain, and others were only thinking about the president One part that got me crying was after they had Pres Lincoln out of the theatre and trying to figure out where to take him A tavern was near by and they were about to take him there, but the owner, Peter Taltavul, was smart enough to realize that It shouldn t be said that the president of the United States died in a saloon What a great man Taltavul was to think of things like that at such a horrible time People who think of others are always heroes in my mind.I am going to have my teenage son read this He loves history, and will love this book.

  7. Timothy Lugg Timothy Lugg says:

    The assassination of President Lincoln is one of those historical events that makes me cringe every time I think of it because of the tragic consequences Lincoln would have been a far better man to handle reconstruction than Andrew Johnson by virtue of the fact that Lincoln had fought so hard to preserve the Union and Johnson nothing Lincoln was already on record as desiring to give the states relatively easy terms to rejoin the Union and likely had a million ideas in his head that would have been expressed if he had lived until the war was completely over.O Reilly does a great job of documenting the climax of the end of major war operations, the celebration immediately after, and the crushed euphoria by John Wilkes Booth What was new for me was the suggestion of a possible conspiracy that involved Secretary of War Stanton and LaFayette Baker O Reilly doesn t endorse the conspiracy theory, though he gives enough information to create interest in it Most of it is speculation based on data that doesn t make sense without a explanation, thus conspiracies The two pieces of intriguing data that add to conspiracy ideas are the missing 18 pages from Booth s diary that had been hidden by Stanton for two years and the uncanny way that Baker knew exactly which swamps to search for Booth O Reilly acknowledges that he uses a type of historical writing that is based on facts but is written like narrative and it does make for exciting reading I have read quite a bit about Lincoln but I still enjoyed reading this book.

  8. Sheila DeChantal Sheila DeChantal says:

    In the spring of 1865, after a long day of meetings, Abraham Lincoln alongside his wife Mary, took to the theater While Lincoln knew that he had a lot of enemies and had even thought there was a good chance he would be assassinated, he had no idea that his life was about to end.John Wilkes Booth was an anchor and charismatic ladies man as well as an impenitent racist His hatred for Lincoln burned so strong it was obsession He stressed over the details for months working out accomplices in the mission It started as a kidnapping plan and lead to a much deadlier conclusion.Ok here s my thing about Lincoln He is my all time favorite president And here was my uneducated reasons why 1 freeing of the slaves2 He was the 16th president and 16 in my favorite number3 He was honestAfter listening to this audio I realize I did not know him at all He was only 56 when he died More surprisingly to me Booth was 26 I did not know about all the background of Booth and the Lincoln conspiracy Out of their three sons, I had not realized that 3 had died by the age of 18 And while I suspected the tole this took on Mary Todd Lincoln I did not to the point that after her third child s death their remaining son put her in a home What I am saying here is I found this audio to be very informative and interesting I learned much about Lincoln s life, General Grant, and John Wilkes Booth.I leave this audio feeling like I now know about the president I adored from afar.

  9. Lori Mcdaniel Lori Mcdaniel says:

    this book was very intriguing i could not put it down historical narrative that seriously reads like fiction but it s not i particularly liked the pace of the book as each chapter revealed the timeline laid out before you you literally feel that you are witnessing history as it is happening this book chronicles one of the darkest times in our nation s history the civil war and the disturbing emotions among the north and the south as they battle to the bloody end i had no idea that general robert e lee was such an incredibly beloved man who lost everything to the war of northern aggression as the south still calls it i learned so much from this book about the different struggles and challenges the union and confederate armies faced as they continued to battle over the issues which ripped our country apart for four years over 600,000 soldiers died in the civil war astounding while i knew the basic facts about president lincoln and history of the civil war i grew to understand him and felt his weariness and the country s and learned so much about the war that changed america and it s people Abraham Lincoln is a man i would like to meet in heaven this book is titled killing lincoln and while it details all of the bizarre events leading up and to the assassination of a sitting president of the United States i learned about his life than i will remember about his death when i finished this book i wanted to start reading it again i also had an overwhelming sense of sadness as i wondered what he would think of the state of our nation today.

  10. Kelli Kelli says:

    Lincoln s assassination was a devastating event following the deadliest war in American history It is so unfortunate that President Lincoln, a man portrayed as being deeply distraught over the massive divide in our country, was never able to participate in the reconstruction and unification of that broken nation Always interested in this topic, I watched this while visiting my dad last summer and subsequently grabbing the book from his bookshelf, only to recently opt for the audio version from the library I just now thumbed through the book to see the pictures of some of the people mentioned but I m not sure that really added much value for me I managed through the audio well despite the news reporter intonation applied to every sentence I found this version of the events to be interesting and I didn t take issue with the speculation employed throughout Still, I wish this story was fiction rather than part of our history 3.5 stars.