Nicole is committed to making the world a better place, but first she wants to get to her senior prom So when the guy she's had her eye on for months unexpectedly invites another girl, Nicole decides to transform her grungy next door neighbor, Chase, into a dream date With droll humor, Nicole and Chase tell their stories in alternating chapters, bringing to life the frenetic intensity of the high school social scene Booklist

10 thoughts on “How I Created My Perfect Prom Date

  1. Alicia Alicia says:

    After re-watching "Drive Me Crazy" for about the 15th time last week, I finally discovered it was based on this book.

    Certain scenes are straight out of the book. But there are some differences, too.

    The book is definitely a little more grown up in some ways, which was all right with me (Ray's habit and the confusion and responses of Chase and Dave; the reason for the divorce of the Maris parents, although that felt a bit far-fetched).

    Pros of the book:
    --You get more depth behind Nicole and Alicia.
    --Ray and Dave were both pretty interesting characters.

    Cons of the book:
    --Certain characters felt much flatter: Chase (what does he like, besides girls and pranks? Where is his mom?; Dulcie (uh, so she's just this activist high school girl who might like two different boys?); I wanted to see more Dee Vine! (although I hear she has her own book).
    --The relationship between Chase and Nicole is not given as much time to develop as it does in the film, which it needs. There are very few scenes in which they interact with each others' friend groups in the book. It really felt short and a bit flat and yet it was the point of the story ... The film did this much better and gave it much more flavor.
    --Certain characters were reconfigured in more interesting ways in the movie (Dulcie and her romance, Chase's mom, Brad's romance, Eddie and Dee)

    Overall, I liked reading the book ... but I LOVE the movie!

  2. Leah Leah says:

    Confession time: I love the movie Drive Me Crazy. Like, an almost unfortunate amount. So of course when I stumbled across the book it's based on in the library today I had to give it a read. First impression was that the one page turns between jumping character perspective is a fairly irritating way to write a book. Other than that, the characters and plot were your basic high school kids. There were even parts where I knew they lifted the dialogue directly out of the book for the movie. I much preferred Book Nichole. She's way more realistic than the movie portrays her. And she's not perfect and has her own body issues, which is nice to see in books written by a male author for the teen girl audience. I did quite enjoy her spiels on global warming and math too. Not sure if the author was going for it, but what a delightful way to cram some science into a young adult book aimed at girls. Big ups for that. Chase is the same Chase. I did find it far more likely that the two ended up together in the book based on their banter and 'close to on/off again' relationship as opposed to pulling 180s between love/hate/love again in the movie. It was a cute book and a short read. I'll always like the movie better though.

  3. Lisa Lisa says:

    The movie (Drive Me Crazy) was better. Seriously.

  4. Juliane Juliane says:

    I'd love to give the book more stars but it's just not worth it.
    I bought it because one of my favourite films - Drive me crazy - is an adaptation of this book. So I thought I should give it a try.

    So, I got it. This 200 pages- with large letters- book with the shortest chapters ever. I read it whitin one hour, seriously.
    It's funny and very superficial. I kind of liked it because I always thought of the movie during the reading. But you can't feel the love, you can't feel the people, you can't get into it because there's so substance.
    I so love the movie and still think that it was worth reading the book but it's not really good.

  5. Maren Maren says:

    It's amazing that screenwriters were able to make anything of this book. Drive Me Crazy is a sleepover nostalgia favorite of mine, so I wanted to read the book it was based on.

    Other than the character's names and the basic "popular girl turns boy-next-door into a hottie" bit, the book and the movie are totally different. I enjoyed the movie, for starters. Also, the narration trades off between Nicole and Chase, not every chapter, but every two pages.

    Though here's a fun thing, if you read the eBook edition: pagers have been updated to iPhones (specifically) in the most cut-and-paste way you can imagine. It was published in 1998, just let it be charmingly out-dated.

  6. Jule Hack Jule Hack says:

    Nicole and Chase are childhood friends and neighbours, but in their Highschool years, they'r not on speaking terms. Nicoles life is with the popular crowd and she does everything to stay popular. Chase likes to do pranks but he's clever too. And when Nicoles plan for prom date asks another girl, she decides not to give up. So she's left with Chase and a huge makeover. But what do you do when you start having feelings for your selfmade prom date?

    Nicole and Chase told us by turns what they decide and what's happening which I totally liked. Even the motion pictures with Melissa Joan Hart and Adrian Grenier was pretty good.

  7. Amy Gideon Amy Gideon says:

    This is a case where the movie is so much better than the book. What's weird is there is more character development in the movie than in the book, something I didn't think possible.

    I felt like the book was just an excuse to philosophize on morality and the meaning of life, but in the most superficial way possible. My advice to any would be readers is to skip the book and watch the movie, Drive Me Crazy, instead.

  8. Henry Henry says:

    I really enjoyed reading this book, I felt like it was very attention grabbing and overall a fun read for me. I enjoy how in some parts that are subtle about whats going on to get you to think what's up instead of just flat out telling you. Overall I would recommend people to read this book!!

  9. KendallS KendallS says:


    ‘How I Created My Perfect Prom Date’ the second book in the Time Zone High series was okay through my eyes. I made a prediction about what I thought Stacy’s job was going to be when the book first started. The book was so predictable and flat out boring, but there was something that kept me going probably who was going to end up with who situation. I think that was the thing that made me finish the book. Sadly Ray and Nicole end up together Chase goes to the prom alone; Brad and Dulice split up so Dulice and Dave go together also Brad goes with Alicia. That’s the only thing that was interesting other than when Nicole gave Chase a makeover. Some people say,” I ended this book wanting to know more” I left this book wanting to know so much less. The book really told you everything I think that’s why the book was so predictable. The book was also very easy to picture in my head it was very vivid. Also in the book everybody had very strong emotions about everything (that was probably the only thing that was easy to connect with in this book). I really enjoy reading books by Todd Strasser but this was not his best work.’ How I Created My Perfect Prom Date’ was okay it’s your basic girl and guy are friends forever one day they meet at just the right moment and fall in love blah, blah, blah junk. I wish that something would have made it more fun and exciting. I would not recommend this book.

  10. Shelby Shelby says:

    So, funny note: My copy of this book is titled "GIRL GIVES BIRTH TO OWN PROM DATE"--the title was the thing that got me to salvage it from a local book sale. If the title'd been "How I Created..." I would have deeeeffinniitely passed it up. The description on the jacket seemed a little fluffy, but I thought, "Hey, with a title like that it's gotta go someplace funky, right?" Oops, kinda. Also, I didn't know this is the novel "Drive Me Crazy" was based on. Go figure! A real piece of '90s nostalgia.

    Anyways. I feel like this is pretty typical '90s teen fare, but there were just enough cool little nuggets of interesting to pluck out that I kinda enjoyed it. I like it that the author was "real" about the complexities of life and love, and I liked the "love and hope" line. I liked the "'It's only on the outside' said like they were sharing a secret" line, too. I respected the characters' growth towards the end.. that was cool.

    All in all, this is a book that I would've been okay with Younger Me reading--you know, when it actually would've been an age-appropriate book. I still regret watching The Prince & Me, though.