The Second Amendment to the Constitution, a protection of the ownership of firearms, has become the source of heated controversy in recent years Learn about the Founders' views on this important freedom and their solutions for averting the plague of violence that has disrupted communications A Most Concise Introduction to the Subject of Gun Rights with Conclusive EffectAfter reading this exceptionally wellwritten survey, no one should dare claim that the government can or ought to regulate gun rights No one in good conscience or their right mind could refute the wisdom that undergirds the Second Amendment, nor advocate gun control, once they understand the history behind the Second Amendment This is a brilliant piece of scholarship, yet highly readable and is a mustread for all citizens, especially young people. Per David Barton, Four sources of information will be examined to determine the answer: (1) America's earliest legal documents, (2) the writings of the founding fathers, (3) early State laws and (4) State Constitutions.The Second Amendment means what it says The Founding Fathers (Washington, Jefferson, Adams, Madison, George Mason, etc.) all believe it is a natural right all peaceful persons have the right to own a firearm Further, no government ever has the right to remove this right from its citizens.History does not lie! Amazing book! This little booklet should be a must read for those who love God and Country The 2nd Amendment isthan just owning a gun It goes deeper than that It is about personal responsibility, and knowing when and what you are fighting for It is about self defense, and protecting those whom you love We have a God given right and command, which is backed up by the Constitution to protect and defend our families, our towns and our Country When God is taken out of the equation then nothing will stand strong for long But when you have God and a Country that respects the rights of man, then nothing will destroy it Look at our own history and Israels history, and you should feel a sense of pride that will warm your Spirit For those who hate guns and those who choose not to have them, you should read this booklet as well If you can open your mind to the things that appeal to you then I challenge you to read this booklet and try to understand its concept PATRIOTISM IS NOT SOMETHING TO BE ASHAMED OF BUT TO BE CHERISHED. Another Good Book by David BartonThis short book provides excellent quotes from wise men, to include Benjamin Rush Well written with original sources Another treasure to my library from Wallbuilders. In their own wordsWhat I've always known but now know why Why is there 2A? Was it as important to the Founders as what is claimed? A quick read loaded with direct sources provides the answers. Was told this had a biblical defense for arms This was not the case There are two verses cited in the whole book One is in Job Part of his prayer to the Lord to take his life The second is in Matthew about how murder starts in the heart. Once again, David Barton has penned a wellwritten and thoroughly researched book, basing his arguments on primary source materials Although it is a short work, it is packed with information that every American should read with an open mind. David hits it out of the park again by destroying the liberal argument that the second amendment was never intended to be an individual right Clearly the founding fathers expected (and sometimes demanded) that American citizens would be armed to protect themselves, their families, their property and their liberty The evidence is massive and compelling Over 40% of the book is footnotes Anyone who doesn't believe law abiding citizens have the right to self protection is either ignorant or lying. I had read David Barton's 'Original Intent' sometime ago, and thoroughly enjoyed it I had picked this up because the arguments for/against 'gun rights' seemingly get lost on the argument of the 'gun' without delving into what the 2nd Amendment really encapsulates.It is the logical extenion of our Declaration of Indepdence's Life, Liberty pursuit of happieness For, if you are unable to protect your life and liberty, how then are you to pursue happiness? This is what you will realizefrom this quick read In retrospect, this isof a pamphlet in the spirit of Thomas Paine You will not come across a better researcher than David Barton His writing style barrage after barrage of quotes, commentaries and discussions is quick and concise Nonlawyers beware, I enjoy it for it is less on editorializing than it is submitting an irrefutable position based upon the underlying barrages.Enjoy!