An unlikely band of elves led by a wizard formerly of the Order of Light, Aeligon, has trekked across foreign lands and sought a mysterious mirror hidden within the ruins of El Caras, the place where the final battle between good and evil took place during the Calaridis Wars many years before They found great evil stirring, and a plan to shatter the fragile peace Now, alliances will be formed and battle lines drawn across the plane of Vaal na Aerinas, a rebellious Krayn elf, continues to discover the power of the magic inside him, but after finding an ancient text penned by a long dead wizard it becomes clear that he must grow up and face his worst fears, or perish There is something alive beyond the boundaries of their world Something old, forgotten, evil, and angry for revenge Ripples in time, bleeding trees, and unwelcome visitors are growing common Questions are surfacing in Aerinas mind about his parents, and the tension between him and his father, Tristandor, is increasing Can they keep their alliance intact long enough to make a stand against the hidden evil Return to the world of the Planeswalkers, where pirates roam the raging Arthean Ocean, power can be ignited with the speed of thought, and death awaits the wary explorer at every turn

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