One of Canada s top scientists has found the secret to time travel But something has gone horribly wrong On the first day of school, in a new city, Sarah Sachs experiences the shock of her life when she sees a car drive right through a strange boy Did she really see it, or was it a figment of her imagination She becomes swept up in Matt Barnes s life as she helps him search for his father, a famous scientist who s been missing since Matt s birth Their quest will lead them to uncover a powerful new technology and expose the frightening secret behind Dr Barnes s disappearance It will throw them far from the modern city of Ottawa into the forest matted land of the 1600 s, and deposit them right in the middle of a war between the Iroquois and the Algonquin nations In the midst of this strange New World, it will take all their courage just to survive Will the answer they seek be found in time

10 thoughts on “Time Meddlers

  1. Sonia Knippshild Sonia Knippshild says:

    A nice read Good way to get some Canadian history into young adults

  2. Unorthodox Mama Unorthodox Mama says:

    I ve had a few different middle grade time travel books come in lately.This one is extra special It s Canadian through and through Taking place in Canada, written by a Canadian author.I honestly don t know if we do enough to promote our home grown talent so I am thrilled to be able to help spread the word about our authors Especially when it comes to children s books.Time meddlers is the start of series for kids.The main characters in Time Meddlers, Matt and Sarah are tossed back in time when they are found trying to find Matt s father.A great series for kids It starts with two individuals who aren t friends As the story progresses we see them eventually form a truce, eventually becoming friends.Friendship isn t easy and Time Meddlers shows that The two don t always agree, nor do they always get along but they always come together working things out True friendship, also true to the nature of kids Something I think is important in kids books.We also get a look at what family means to both of them As well as their thoughts and feelings regarding their own families and those around them.I was really impressed with how their views as well as their maturity changed through out the book We saw them come together, but also grow and slowly let each other in, and become close.Each of them fight to over come fears and do what s right, not only for themselves, but others and the world as a whole.Both characters become great role models for young readers.Time meddlers is a fun read, with loveable characters and well written not so loveable evil characters.At the end of the book, you find activities and discussion questions Making them great books for fun, clubs or studies.I most definitely recommend the series and look forward to the next book.

  3. Crys Crys says:

    This book is blah I mean really just horrible It is only 190 or so pages but each one is torture Two kids go back in time in Canada and try to not only stop a war between the indigenous people there but also convince them to prevent white man injustices Look I don t have a problem with the message, I m just disturbed by the poor writing Also by the fact that there are reading group discussion questions and activities, giving me the idea that some poor kid in a classroom had to read this If someone forced me to read this book in junior high I might no like reading as much as I do now If you want a good time travel story for kids check out Gideon the Cutpurse.

  4. pdarnold pdarnold says:

    Is this deep No Is it a fun story with a point to make Sure I actually enjoyed the tale Traveling back in time, wouldn t you want to try and make a difference The story is aimed at a younger audience and I read this with that thought in mind.There is the usual parent child angst, learning what family is like, learning about friendship, history, thinking of others besides oneself, adventure, scifi, time travel and or dimension travel, a bit of mysticism particularly Indian and fun.

  5. Scott Scott says:

    Historical fiction

  6. Kenny Kenny says:

    Fun book.