Pandora Hearts VF Full Anime Pandora Hearts VF Regarder tous les pisodes de Pandora Hearts VF, et toutes les saisons compltes Synopsis Oz est l hritier de la famille Bezalius, la plus puissante des quatre grandes familles ducales de son pays Venant de clbrer sesans, il entreprend la crmonie de passage l ge adulte que tout noble doit respecter Cependant, ce qui devait n tre qu uneBibliothques de la Ville de Paris Pandora heartsDans cette prison l cart du temps, il recontre Alice, une jeune fille aux pouvoir mystrieux qui lui propose un pacte, tandis que l organisation secrte appele Pandora cherche percer les secrets de l Abysse Pandora heartsPandora Hearts streaming vf fCine Pandora Hearts streaming vf Oz Vessalius, hritier d une maison de Duc, vient tout juste d avoir quinze ans Sa vie est riche et insouciante, mais assombrie par l a Pandora Hearts streaming integrale Anime VF VOSTFR Pandora Hearts EndedSaisonsEpisodes Oz Vessalius, hritier d une maison de Duc, vient tout juste d avoir quinze ans Sa vie est riche et insouciante, mais assombrie par l absence constante de son pre Lors de son passage l ge de la crmonie, tout change Pour aucune raison apparente, il est jet dans la prison connue sous le nom de Abyss , pour treCommentaires de Pandora Hearts pisodeUne PaixRsum Pandora Hearts pisodeen VOSTFR et VF Oz Vessalius, futur hritier de la famille Vessalius, se promne dans le chteau o doit se drouler sa crmonie de passage l ge adulte en compagnie de son serviteur Gilbert et de sa soeur Ada, lorsqu il tombe dans un trou et trouve une trange montre Pandora HeartsED Savage Genius Maze READ PLEASE I saw that all the Videos with the Pandora Hearts first ending are hidden or disabled So I pitched it an little bi

10 thoughts on “Pandora Hearts 1

  1. Lois Bujold Lois Bujold says:

    OK, the week I was recovering from surgery on a really generous prescription for narcotic pain relievers was possibly not the optimum one for tacking this series. But I did.

    Excellent artwork. Shall leave descriptions of set-up and plot to other reviewers. Pretty much all of the characters, protag and antag, were idiots, doing idiot things (granted usually with inadequate information) to advance the plot at a suitable clip. The one character who very much wasn't an idiot spent half his time pretending to be, but I nonetheless plowed through all 24 volumes (22, as it turned out) in pursuit of his story. I was toward the middle tempted to start treating it all as I had War and Peace as a young reader, paging through to pick up Pierre's scenes and just reading them, which turned that tome into something much more manageable. But I figured I'd miss too much set-up.

    Also, the narrative rewards at the end were not well-distributed. Vincent Nightray should have died in a fire, frankly. And Xerxes Break should have won his princess (and she him.) They'd certainly earned each other. Presumably some fanficcer somewhere has corrected this.

    Oh, a note on the anime. For most of the two seasons it follows the manga closely enough to be near-interchangeable, but only gets about halfway through the story. The last three episodes of season 2 are utter gibberish slapped in by the anime people when, I posit, they were told it wasn't to be renewed, so they tried (and failed) to fake up some closure. Skip those last episodes. The rest is OK.

    Ta, L.

    Addendum: Having been drawn into revisiting this work, I should add that while the work-as-a-whole merely whelmed me, the character of Xerxes Learn From My Fail Break gets five stars.

    Later still: raising this to 4 5 stars because it got me to read it through twice *coughmany* times, if one counts the re-skimming. Partly to try out my new tablet for manga (brilliant), partly to see if it would make more sense if I gave it a fairer reading not treating most of the rest of the cast and their problems as speed bumps between me and my character of interest. Also with fewer drugs. Well, hm. I'd say it pretty much requires two readings just to sort out the event salad, multi-layered flashbacks and cutting for suspense and so on, only partly due to how the Abyss screws with time.

    For all the furniture from Alice in Wonderland, the core story here turns out to be Pinocchio, curiously enough.

    Xerxes remains the smartest man in the room, or even more so, Reim's diligence and Barma's slyness notwithstanding -- or perhaps the wisest, all hard-won. But I have to take back my earlier remarks about narrative rewards. He entirely earned his character arc, every heartbreaking bit of it, and he would be diminished if it were to be taken from him. Dammit. Which was part of the thematic point of the whole structure. Also, I don't see how this is a work for children. (Possibly for grownups emotionally scarred as children by that Disney movie.) At the very least, I suspect younger readers would process events and character remarks very differently from their seniors. Which is kind of a given for any work of fiction, but might be more visible here.

    Interesting, reading the end-matter, I discovered its creation took, and took place over, nine years. Speaking as a creator myself, yeepers.

    Also, speaking of gendered fiction, it made an interesting compare-and-contrast with Bleach, also recently revisited. The two 15-year-old male protagonists could scarcely be less alike. Much to consider on that one.

    Ta, L.

    ... Also, does anyone else suspect the Rainsworth women reproduce by parthenogenesis...?

  2. Amy Keeley Amy Keeley says:

    I cannot begin to describe how amazing this series is. But because you probably want to know why I gave this series five stars, I'll try.

    First, the artwork is gorgeous. Whether it's an action scene, an emotional moment, or horror and madness, the artwork always delivers. Though the comic relief isn't as frequent as some other series, it's well done. What could have easily been jarring flows just as well as the rest of the plot.

    As for the story, I have never seen a more twisted take on Alice in Wonderland. Ever. And the beauty of it is that Jun Mochizuki does this without taking away the sense of wonder and innocence involved in discovering a world that isn't what you thought it was. The Abyss is terrifying, but it's also, in a way, beautiful.

    (I want to clarify something though. This is not a re-telling of Alice in Wonderland or a variation on it. The plot uses elements from AiW to tell a completely original story.)

    Oz is a wonderfully engaging character. On the one hand, he accepts everything, including the craziness of the Abyss, very easily. He seems happy-go-lucky and careless, but it doesn't take long to realize he's hiding emotional scars. Between that and his surprising intelligence, he's a joy to watch in action.

    Alice, a Chain from the Abyss also known as B-Rabbit, and Oz's contractee, is, at various times, crazy, heartless, amazing, cunning, and surprisingly vulnerable. Even though she can kill without remorse, her time with Oz hints at a future humanity for the crazed rabbit.

    The first volume, for all its greatness, is still mostly set-up. Fantastic set-up (even now I'm pretty much speechless), but still only a beginning. And with a beginning like this, reading the next volume is almost inevitable.

  3. Serena Serena says:

    When I first started reading this book, my friend Chloe (who reccommended it to me) told me that Everything I believed was true was in fact wrong.
    I'm sure there was more capslock in there. Regardless, back when I started this specific volume I had no idea of how much that would prove to be absolutely correct.
    I knew nothing.
    Because of this, I spent half of my time reading this manga going What the fuck is going on?
    And yet, even though everything was completely confusing for 60+ chapters (sorry, Retraces), I couldn't stop reading.
    It might have been the superbe characters. It might have been that Raven is the perfect bishonen and yet is also a beautiful subversion. It might have been that I have elected Oz My Baby and that Break is lovely and outrageous, that Sharon is the best, that Alice and I have very similar priorities.
    It might have been that the art develops to become absolutely gorgeous.
    Regardless, I'm happy that I kept reading.
    I'm happy because this is an absolutely wonderful piece of writing. The plot is so complex and well paced that I am left stunned.
    Who in the world can weave a story, make you believe certain things so firmly and then completely turn all your certainties on their heads? (And not as a cheap trick: as a studied, prepared, accounted for move, with its own foreshadowing that we were just too blind to see) Who can make me feel physical pain for a character? All the while drawing the most beautiful illustrations?
    A damn fine writer and artist, that's who.
    So much so that I just gave five stars to all volumes, and I ain't even mad.

  4. Nərmin Nərmin says:

    First review
    Wow..It was a tough ride..
    The story was complex and characters were interesting.. I liked Oz, and of course Alice )) I want to dive in this manga and find answers..
    The story gave me ideas about my own story...
    And I hope the artwork gets better too..
    Overall, 5 complex stars!
    Second review : Review of all series
    I remember the first time I got the first volume in my hands. BEST. DECISION. OF. MY. LIFE. I didn't expect this kind of complex and beautifully crafted story-line. I didn't expect I would become addicted to the manga and connect deeply to the characters that much. I didn't expect to cry over their sadness and happiness of these characters. My lovely characters: OZ, ALICE, GILBERT, BREAK, SHARON, VINCENT, ECHO, REIM, OSCAR, ELLIOT, LEO, ADA <3
    The other great characters :Xai, Lacie, Jack, Barma, Glen, Lottie ))
    I learned so much from the story and from characters. I cherish the days and nights I read the manga so hungrily to know what will happen to them. I loved every sentence, every picture of it. The artwork was perfect! Without doubt, It will be my favorite manga ever!
    I am so sad that some characters died (view spoiler)[ Elliot, OSCAR, BREAK, ECHO, OZ AND ALICE (hide spoiler)]

  5. Sara *~The Loquacious Lassie~* Sara *~The Loquacious Lassie~* says:

    I'm not really sure what I've just read, but I DO know that I loved it!

    Reading this manga felt a lot like reading Monstress, Vol. 1: Awakening for the first time. In both cases, I was baffled and lost for most of the story but was somehow enchanted and drawn in despite my befudlement.

    The art is creepy and beautiful. The monsters are scary AF and will haunt your dreams. The characters are quirky and a little cray cray- and let's be honest, who doesn't love a little cray cray? The story has horror elements along with facets of a coming-of-age story, fantasy elements, alternate dimensions/purgatory-type locales, monsters, possession, secret societies, and all of the overly-emoted goodness that manga can offer.

    I will definitely be continuing with the series. Thank you for the recommendation, Petrik! :)

  6. ManiacalBookUnicorn ManiacalBookUnicorn says:

    Those who come to the Abyss are all the same. They're all desperate to get something back. But everyone goes mad partway...

    See, I really, really don’t understand how an author, mangaka, f-ing story writing genius, can immerse readers in something so gloriously messed up, beautiful, emo, crazy, funny, deep, and downright strange like it's nothing. More than just a few times I laughed out loud and shook my head thinking: psshh, that’s absolutely ridiculous and stupid, then turned the page only to stop just short of curling up into a ball in a dark corner, gently caressing the book and whispering softly to it, while crying myself to sleep. How the heck can a person accomplish not looking like a mad person while reading this series (it’s not that I’m actually just crazy…honest)? This is just one of those books where you WILL get people whispering about you and strange, slightly fearful, glances if you read it in public, cause incomprehensible outbursts of emotion are a thing throughout this series.

    Okay, now that I’m done with my rant, on with the review:

    I honestly never expected to really like this series and wasn’t expecting much from it. I tried to watch the anime a couple years ago, but couldn’t really get into it (never made it past the first part of the 1st episode). After the first volume I figured I’d enjoy it, but it probably wouldn’t be a favorite. Once I got to the 4th volume I figured I’d really like it, but might not buy it (in my poor defense I’ve got a pretty extensive list of manga to buy so I’m really reluctant to add to it). But past that…I stopped caring about the total price of the series, food, and sleep. The last couple arcs almost killed me with all the FEELS.

    Finally I saw... A world so bright I almost wanted to cry... It was then, that my consciousness was engulfed in darkness.

    I actually had to put the book down a few times and walk away in an attempt to take it all in, especially since I was usually still trying to deal with the aftermath of a few events/feels in previous arcs. Wait, my bad, I’m ranting again lol. Okay…

    The Story: So if you don’t already know (it’s a pretty popular series for good reason), it's got an Alice in Wonderland type thing going on and explores pretty complex themes, primarily identity and existence and how things like the presence/absence of memory, human (or otherwise) bonds/connections, and the past can shape one's identity and sense of self.

    And for the full review please visit my blog here

  7. Victoria ♡ Victoria ♡ says:

    I've decided I'm re reading the first few volumes of this series before I finally carry on with the rest. I forgot how good this first volume actually is, and now I'm really excited to get through the entire series!

    The artwork is amazing and the actual story is so unique. I love it so much, and regret not reading the rest of the series sooner. I hope the whole series is as strong as this first volume.

    Wish me luck! I only own the first 7 I'm gonna be reading a lot of scans...

  8. Mary Mary says:

    Your your very being.

    After seeing this series constantly mentioned on Youtube, Goodreads and by friends, I decided why the heck not? Then I saw the price. $13!? For each volume? And guess how many there are? (Japanese set was all I could find to show you.)

    And that's not even all of them! It's ongoing so, naturally, one would run to the plentiful garden of scanlations!!!! Except, I don't read scanlations anymore. After reading about how little these mangaka's make, especially if they are not one of the Big 3, I decided that should I be serious about reading a series, I would purchase it. New. While it's nice to imagine a wallet hates me.

    Finally, I discovered Rightstuf. (I am not being paid to advertise them, I seriously do recommend them with all of my heart because I LOVE anime/manga and those who do as well know just how expensive that shit is!) I paid around $8-9 or so for each, and now have 6 volumes on my self. It's not much, but it did save me money and so far the series is intriguing.

    Oz Vessalius is turning 15, and being the son of a rich duke, he has to attend a coming of age ceremony. Of course, everything goes wrong!:D

    Oz is pulled into the Abyss where criminals who commit terrible crimes are sent to rot. Oz's sin? His very existence. Soon after, he runs into Alice, who intervened in his ceremony as a black rabbit, and who also came into contact with him after he touched a locket he found on a mysterious grave.

    Alice proceeds to issue a contract with Oz, which will get both of them out of the Abyss. After some trouble, they finally seal the contract-Kamisama Kiss style;)-and shit gets even more weird and confusing.

    There is definitely a bigger plot going on than what we have. Alice's whole reason to get out of the Abyss is to recover her scattered memories. Is she human? Is she a Chain? Is she a black rabbit? Or maybe she is even dead? (Just some assumptions) She is a badass, so us girls will be pleased with her character. She takes nothing from anyone, and will do what she has to. And Oz is very likable as well...yeah, I sort of have a thing for blonde guys :D

    One question I have right now though: Who and where is Oz's dad? I have a feeling he was in the Ceremony, but can't be certain.

    Allusions to Alice in Wonderland are very prominent in Pandora Hearts. We have The Mad Hatter ( pretty sure he is) Tweedle Dee and Dum, Alice and the rabbit. The art is absolutely GORGEOUS and I am looking forward to the Art Book that is coming out December 26.

    The anime is not the manga, from what I know. The story suddenly changes and angered many fans.

    Highly recommended but be aware that most things won't make a lot of sense right away.

    You can purchase Pandora Hearts here from Rightstuf for $9.74 instead of $13:
    my link

  9. Kate Kate says:

    I've been having neck pain lately, which keeps me up at night. So, I decided what better way to divert myself than by rereading a most excellent manga series?

    Pandora Hearts is one of those series that I knew I would love once I gave it the time it was due. It's complex, both in plot and the way the story unfolds. It's easy to get lost between volumes (when you're waiting months in between releases). What makes it great, though, is that it's a really wonderful series for rereading. You simply cannot get bored. Since I had the basic plot and characters down on this reread, I was able to notice so many other details and nuances to the story. I love finding a series that does this to this level. I love studying the art, figuring out what the characters are thinking that words don't share with the reader. With so many vivid characters, this series is just a lot of fun (Xerxes Break's my favorite! But, I love Oz, too!)

    While rather dark (to the macabre at time), the art is striking and even beautiful. I have a thing for this Victorian-era-goth-esque design, so it may be personal preference, but I love the designs used for characters and setting.

    Highly recommended. Upgraded to 5 stars because it's really won me over at last.

    *First read and reviewed on November 26, 2011 with 4 stars.

  10. Sesana Sesana says:

    I don't think this one is for me. I get why other people would like it, and there's nothing in here that's bad on the surface. It just does absolutely nothing for me. I don't care about the characters or plot so far, and the art isn't good, unique, and/or interesting enough to pull me in despite myself. I've heard that it gets better as it goes, but I just don't care.