Ivy Peterson was not ordinary Ivy was MoreThanOrdinary because once she found herself in a very special place and had a very special adventure But Ivy was far too old for fairy tales wasn't she? It has been three years since Ivy recovered the Talisman of Zandria, and her life is very different She is no longer the shy young girl who chased a fairy through a magic gate, but a teenager, concerned with clothes, friends, and school She has nearly forgotten about the special world that exists on the other side of a thin, magical veil But they have not forgotten her Now a crisis is brewing in Zandria, and only Ivy can help They implore her to come to their aid, and Ivy's memories of adventure pull her once again into the enchanted world of mermaids, dragons and wizards Reunited with old friends, and bringing a new one along for the ride, Ivy must now lead them into the wilds of her own world, and not only keep them safe, but stop an empire from falling into the clutches of evil Most young girls want to live a fairy tale life Ivy Patterson already did, once However, she'd forgotten all about Zandria, her friends, and the evil witch she helped to thwart Zandria didn't forget about Ivy With a new threat looming in Zandria, Ivy is summoned back to the magical world to help uncover a mysterious plot and save her friends from the eternal cold that has swept across the land This time, she's not alone and her friend from the Otherside, Lori, joins in on the adventure With her old friends, Connor, Kaia and Arden along with new allies, Sterling, Nigel and Fergus, Ivy Returns to Zandria in this fun, action packed and touching story It will transport you to another world and have you rooting oncefor Ivy and her friends. True rating: 3.5 stars.Much improved over the first Zandria book The characters are handled better, as are all aspects of the story Still not up to what the author will do in her Library of Athena series, but solid nonetheless.I felt a little disappointed that the plot took the Zandrians out of Otherside so quickly I was hoping to seeof how they coped But nothing felt forced about the journey there or back, and the plot remained interesting throughout.A little repetitiveness in word choice marred the otherwise good writing (The worst instance being a combined four usages of the word 'edge' in back to back sentences.) But Norris' imagination never fails her, the ending was satisfying, and I enjoyed the growth shown by Connor Lori's presence was a positive, too. This a great sequel that also stands on it own It has been years since Ivy was last in Zandria, and she had forgotten all about it After running into her fairy friend, Kaia, memories come back to her I don't think you need to have read the first book, Tailsman of Zandria, to read this one, since it's a different time period in Ivy's life and she doesn't remember about Zandria until she returns to the magical land As with Christine Norris' other novels, this one is action packed, but maybe a littlecaptivating and harder to put down.