It's a surprise for me to find that this is one of the best book I've ever read I hasd my own misgiving when I saw this book I only read it because it was written by Jamie Ponti The cause of it is that this book has multi point of view which I thought will make the characterization kinda shallow Not only that, it's also about promI have to give it hands down for Jamie Ponti She managed to create this book with an intersting and believable array of lovable characters The alternate point of view was not confusing at all and the transition is so smooth I didn't even feel it The funny and fitting description of each characters' personality is also awesome The description is crisp and not long winded but it's just right Every characters in this book is deep They're not just a stereotype I just wish that Matt and Rachel ended up together They are such a great and kind persons. HOOK UP BREAK UP THROW UP PDAYMolly prom committee chair is positive that something will ruin her nightd she has no idea how right she isBen lastminute date tells himself he's just along for the ridebut he's got something very real at stakeAllison loyal best friend plans to make a move on her crushwho's there with his girlfriendVictoria alpha girl thought she had a lock on the prom queen crownuntil gorgeous exchange student Karolina came on the sceneMatt star athlete comes to claim his rightful place at the top of the social chainbut ends up surprising everyone, including himselfRachel girl with no clique is there to shake things upbut there's to her than meets the eyeFrom the PITY DATES to the waytooearly HANGOVERS to PROM QUEEN DISASTERS to the AFTERPARTIES, this is ONE NIGHT THEY'LL NEVER FORGET no matter how hard they try This book is awesome! If you are in the mood for a good chick flick, love story type of a book, you will love it too! The beggining takes a little bit to get involved in, but you will love how it ends. i've read thisthan once and it never gets old ! Long live the Matts in the world ! Surprisingly deep I LOVE Rachel If only I could ship her with Matt!!!Besides, purple rain is my song. This book was actually a really good and fun book because it had lots of drama and great imagery It started out with Molly Walker telling us about each character and she described them very well Molly has always been dreaming of prom that's why she joined the prom committee She is always planning things and has to run by her schedule She thought everything is going to turn out perfect until her boyfriend, Cameron, broke up with her before prom Allison is her best friend, and she had to go to prom with warren Allison was in love with her guy best friend, peter, but she never told him which is why he was going with kiki rather than Allison Victoria is the popular girl in high school, which wants to be prom queen So far Victoria has accomplished to be homecoming queen, captain of the cheerleading squad, and senior class president Her boyfriend is Matt; he is a great baseball player but gets hit in the eye with the ball and gives him a black eye Victoria thought she was going to win since she was very popular until the new girl, Karolina, came in the story Karolina was a foreign exchange student from Sweden and all the boys liked her because they thought she was gorgeous She came to America and went to prom strictly for research, with Chas Chas was always known as “Chaz the Spaz,” he was awkward, and really shy Karolina and Chas became good friends after playing chess together and then they went to prom Jenna is Victoria’s best friend but Jenna is also running for prom queen, Victoria doesn’t mind it because she says Jenna isn’t competition Kirby is Jenna’s boyfriend, he was athletic and a great football player Rachel was the school journalist and was going to prom just to write an article for the school newspaper Rachel was named to prom court by the newspaper staff to help her write her article Since Molly didn’t have a date to go to prom with she had her aunt Linda set her up with an old neighbor, which was Ben Ben and Molly knew each other when they were thirteen, they just had ice cream and he left back to Boston He was very smart and is the top swimmer at his high school After his parents got divorced he didn’t want any real relationships until it was Molly When all the couples, friends, and kids go to prom some problems happen Warren drinks a little too much before prom and pukes on the principal, now Allison was dateless Since Molly was in the prom committee she was very busy and could barely spend time with Ben At the end, Cameron wants Molly back but Ben chases after her and gets her Allison finally tells peter that she is in love with him and he tells her the same This book was very interesting and fun to read, once I started I didn’t want to stop. In this book, Victoria; the alpha girl of the school who has won Prom Queen so far three times in a row Until the beautiful Karolina comes in as a nobody in school When she would walk in the halls, all the guys would stare at her as if she was a goddess When Victoria saw this she wanted to do anything capable to not let Karolina be crowned as Prom Queen My texttoself connections are that when I started singing when I was in first grade And well after just one christmas carol I had it all Until in fourth grade, a girl named Gloriela stole all my spot light with her clothes, accessories, vocabulary, basically everything about her And as Victoria, I wanted to do everything that I was capable of to not let her take away the most important to me singing She didn't because she couldn't really sing that well This is my texttoself connection with Victoria.I gave this book three stars I liked the book but for me it was just to stupid and selfish My first reason is that for me Victoria was very selfish At one point I thought it would the bookinteresting, it did a little at first but then it got boring My second reason is that I didn't like how the other characters seemed really fake in the book And the reason why I say this is because there was a part that I thought that this character was fake was on page 3, chapter 1 and it said, the floorboard was held together with duct tape and had a hole in each corner the size of a quarter So every time it rained, Molly would feel the rain Despite all of this Molly loved the car I think that this character was the most fake character in the whole book And my last reason is that this book made me think about how harsh I was to Gloriela The person that I would recommend this book to is a person who likes selfish books that makes you think of what you did in the past. My Rating: 3.5/5 starsI picked this up while at the library for a school project; the cover definitely drew me in, and the little blurb on the back of the book intrigued me a bit As I began reading this book, I expected some PLLtype novel about rich bitch girls freaking out over senior prom While I did read about that (*ahem* Victoria *ahem*), it felt different, somehow.I loved all the different story lines, and how they intertwined together at the very end I love when novels are written that way; it makes me feel happy I really liked reading about each individual main character and how they felt about prom night I feel like it tied the whole novel together.I also really did like the characters, and their personalities, despite the fact that they were all high school student stereotypes I did, however, think that they seemed too twodimensional Ponti doesn't include any depth to her characters; they're just stereotypes at some parts The only exception to this is Karolina; God, she's such a sweetheart I loved her so much.Another thing that slightly bothered me about this novel was the way Ponti wrote Some of her sentences were weak; example They walked outside Like, seriously? You couldn't be bothered to jazz it up a bit? I don't know, it just killed the vibe Also, I wish there would have beenforeshadowing on the fact that (view spoiler)[ Rachel is a lesbian (hide spoiler)] The young adult fiction book Prama by Jamie ponti chronicles the lives of a handful of high school students on the day and night of their Senior Prom The story starts out with a list of yearbook entries It was a smart way to start the story to give the reader an idea of who would be encountered during the whole book Each character in the book encounters there own problems before prom Molly, one of the main characters in the novel is the head of the prom committee who struggles to make prom perfect, she has also been dealing with the conflict of her break up just before prom Allison is molly's best friend who is stuck going to prom with the wrong guy, because she is afraid to share her feelings with the guy she really likes Victoria is the queen be of the school who believes she is the best and only best, and is determined to win prom queen Matt is her boyfriend who is quite the opposite of Victoria and is a star athlete There are many interesting characters with their own problems before prom night The story has its ups and downs, at times it can be really enjoying and humorous, but can be a little cliche at times The way the story depicts teenagers is a little exaggerated, it treats teenagers as a general population and doesn't go all that deep, intodetail It was an alright book on my part and is readable, but i felt like the author could doThe characters are realistic and believable though, and at times i can relate to their predicaments because they are teenagers like me that struggle with certain things in life I don't think i will be readingof the author's books because this book wasn't all that interesting, it made me wantthen it provided. The book Prama by Jaime Ponti is book with a series of teenage drana This book talks about what teens go through when their senior prom is right around the corner Prama gives us readers the oppurtunities to get to know the characters well The readers are able to see, feel, and know what the character wants because the book is written from first person point of view Prama follows the steps of many characters and one of them would be Molly Molly is upset because her relationship with her boyfriend wasnt a success The problem is who she would have go to prom with Molly is involved in her school she doesn't have time to look for a new date, but it seems like her aunt has saved her the job Is her aunt choice what Molly really pictures it would be or will it be another trouble for Molly Another Character we were able to follow was the popular drama queen Victoria Victoria like any other popular person has an objective and that is to win the role of Prom Queen the only thing that interfere with her crowning is that there is an exchange student and many other girls with good qualities.