I've been reading chapter books to my seven year old, with my four year old kinda listening and mostly jumping on us We all liked these three tales about Elmer and Boris the dragon I liked that the chapters are short, good for bedtime and reading aloud It had fun illustrations every couple page to keep my fouryear old interested too I loved that the story was fun and exciting while at the same time being so simple and innocent So many children books have sad and terrible things happening in them, e.g parents missing or dead, super mean siblings or peers, scary bad guys, etc This tale is just a sweet adventure of a boy and a dragon It made me happy. Grade: A As the author states in her introduction, the first story was written for amusement, and practically wrote itself The second two weredifficult And in my opinion it shows they just aren't as lively enchanting But then, I've never been a huge fan of the first, so what do I know Judge for yourself Very quick read. Three Tales of My Father's Dragon is the compilation of a children's series written by the author in the 1940's and 50's The three stories that make up this collection are My Father's Dragon, Elmer and the Dragon, and The Dragons of Blueland In My Father's Dragon, we meet Elmer Elevator as he ventures out to save a baby dragon In Elmer and the Dragon, the boy and the dragon continue their adventures together In The Dragons of Blueland, Elmer oncehelps his friend the dragon with troubles that he encounters Elmer shows foresight and proves himself resourceful time and time again The stories carry with them the message that careful preparedness and a large does of kindness serve you well.The stories are told from Elmer's point of view, so there's no use worrying about what his parents think of the situation We're treated to time spent with innocence and curiosity, time spent away from the real cares of the world such as whether or not you can truly exist on only tangerines for weeks at a time Our hero is bold with good intentions, and he does worry about his parents from time to time I thought it was a delightful book, filled with imagination, friendship, and good intentions. My Father's Dragon is a charming children's book, great for a wide range of ages My three year old loved it almost as much as my five year old and I had a blast reading it to them The main character is clever and likeable and the writing style kept us all wanting to readThe next two stories fellflat for me Not as much happens and they're missing the problem solving the boy had to use (by tricking the animals), at least in the same way My three year old quickly lost interest and I didn't enjoy reading them nearly as much either. All three books in the series I read them to my daughter She loved them Its an adventure series (short chapter books) perfect for early readers or for ages 3 as a parentreadaloud book My Father's Dragon was my favorite of the three. 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Such a great introduction to chapter books book My boys read and reread this series They're captivated by the adventure and love them all It gives good problem solving discussions, is fun to read aloud with many voices, and is a short read (I think it was audiobook was 2 hours for all 3 books) Good, light, children's fiction Perfect for a reader just venturing into chapter books. This book includes 3 separate stories: My Father’s Dragon, Elmer and the Dragon and The Dragons of Blueland The first one is the best and if I could do it over, I would probably get a book that only included that one The other two are cute, but my 4 year old wasn’t really interested in them We’ll try again next year.