Taffeta and tuxes and dresses and drama! This adorable trilogy chronicles the weeks leading up to prom, culminating in the big, unpredictable, magical night itselfBest friends Jordan, Tara, and Nisha are psyched for the senior prom All three are loving the dress and shoe shopping The limos have been ordered Beautiful Jordan is a shooin for Prom Queen, bossy Tara is head of the Prom Committee, and sweet Nisha is in love with her wonderful boyfriend But what happens when Jordan decides to rebel, Tara HAS to find a suitable date in time, and Nisha's strict parents say no to her boyfriendand to prom?Some serious, clockticking drama!

10 thoughts on “Once Upon A Prom #1: Dream

  1. De& De& says:

    I'm kinda in love with this??? It's everything I want in my stories. It's light, it's fun, and it's romantic in a cute and innocent sense. The three girls' relationships with boys are all so good. At first I thought I'd hate Jordan and Nate but I don't, but I definitely love Jordan and Shane more!! I also like that they threw in Nisha's Indian traditionalists problem to diversify the story, not everyone experiences prom the same way. Also Brian is just an adorable teddy bear. THEN THERE'S VICTOR! I LOVE a good secretly hot nerd make over case. Victor is nerdy but Tara isn't attracted to him at all and decides to give him a makeover so they can go to prom together and I felt like this aspect was shallow and very superficial but they're both learning things about each other on the way so it's not so bad, it's actually quite charming. I'm a sucker for a hot nerd, so I'm torn between liking Shane or Victor more. I totally recommend this read, just keep an open mind if you're older than 16 that it's majorly fluffy and written for girls who haven't experienced prom yet. It gives off princess diaries feels a bit but none of the girls lack self confidence so their inner dialogues don't feel as draining as Mia's can at times.

  2. Zorimar Zorimar says:

    Jeanine Le Ny, gets into the minds of three young high school girls. Jordon, Tara, and Nisha are coming close to the end of their senior year where they will be going to prom. Such an exciting event, but each of them seem to have a problem right before the big occasion. Being all bestfriends makes things a little better to work through but their lifestyles are very much compared. Jordon is pretty, dates the cutest boy in school and is going for prom queen. Every one admires them. Yet, a new mysterious boy seems to change her feelings and thoughts about everything. All that she once wanted seems to be changing now after catching feelings for someone who sadly isnt her boyfriend. As to Tara, shes just an ordinary girl who is the head of the prom committe. She has to deal with the worse thing a teenage girl has to deal with, finding a date for prom. She begins to have a secret admire who writes her and she predicts is someone she likes. Sadly, the last person on her list was the one that went for her. With no other choice and no other way to go, she convinces herself to stay with the ugly old admire. On the long run she comes to realize he isnt as bad and she actually likes him after a magical make-over. Lastly, poor old Nisha. Unlike the other two, non american Indian girl, is madly in love with her 6 month old american boyfriend Brain. Hiding around from her parents isnt what she wasnts anymore. There so strict and she cant seem to find a way to let Brain meet them. Prom is coming up and she doesnt know how she is going to break it through. Her parents, still not knowing about Brain, arrange an Indian boy to meet with Nisha. Prom date seems to be choosen for her. But Nisha is not very happy about it. Barely 4 weeks left until prom. Will everything go the way they want it to go?

    I really liked this book. It gives readers an inside look of how the characters are feeling and what are their real thoughts. I espesually liked it because I was able to understand and relate to alot of the things the girls went through. It made me anxious about the whole prom thing since in barely a few years, I, myself will be in their same shoes. There are two more books ahead of this one that finishes the story. Im looking forward to reading them and knowing how things will end up for them. I will recommend this book to girls in high school who go through all kinds of stages while moving up through high school. It was very enjoyable and entertaining.

  3. Michelle Michelle says:

    I think middle school girls will love this young adult story about shopping for prom dresses, making over a dorky date-to-be and planning the big night.

  4. MacKenzie MacKenzie says:

    I was really bored over the summer...

  5. Kenzie Kenzie says:

    It was fun, short and sweet with the perfect amount of drama to keep me entertained. I will be picking up the next one as soon a I can!

  6. Jennifer Wardrip Jennifer Wardrip says:

    Reviewed by Jaglvr for TeensReadToo.com

    Meet Jordan, Tara, and Nisha. These three girls are best friends and seniors in their final few months of high school. Like most senior girls, before graduation, attentions turn to the Prom. Yes, Prom with a capital P. By now, they have college sorted, and are waiting for graduation. So Prom is the last big event until then.

    DREAM is the first book in a series of three chronicling their journey to get to the prom.

    The story is fairly straightforward. First, you have Jordan. Jordan is the shining star of the three - cheerleader, dating the star quarterback, pretty, smart, and nice. However, after getting a less than satisfactory grade on a photography class assignment, Jordan begins to look at herself a bit more closely. A chance encounter in a movie queue line with a strange boy opens Jordan's eyes to things she took for granted or ignored.

    Next you have Nisha. Nisha is the Indian girl hiding her American boyfriend from her old-school parents. Nisha wants to go to the prom with Brian, but after six months of dating, she hasn't let him meet her family yet. Nisha tries to formulate a plan that will allow her to go to Prom with Brian, without her parents finding out that the prom is a dating function.

    And last you have Tara. Tara is the 5th-wheel, without a boyfriend and the chairperson of the Prom Committee. Tara starts receiving text messages from a secret admirer. The three girls try to figure out who the mysterious K is. Only after agreeing to meet with K does Tara start to put her plan to get a date for the prom into action.

    The girls are in the beginning stages of getting set to go to the prom. So far, only one of them has bought a dress. Jordan is fighting attraction for her new friend. Nisha's parents have provided her with a proper Indian boy to escort her to the prom. And Tara has created a hottie from the school mascot.

    The story has been left open-ended for the continuation in DRESS, book two of the ONCE UPON A PROM series, with a countdown of 3 weeks and 5 days to go.

    With prom season soon upon us, the book was a nice, innocent, and refreshing story. It was easy to get into the lives of all three girls and trying to figure out how everything was going to work out. Being part of a trilogy, though, the reader is left with loose threads and the desire to have the next book in the series ready to go. Jeanine's story moves quickly and the reader is caught up in the stress and panic that surrounds what is supposed to be one of the best memories of high school. DREAM will not disappoint those that are preparing for their own Prom, or those that attended many moons ago.

  7. Rachael Rachael says:

    It’s senior year and prom is coming up – in a mere four months! There are plans and preparations to be made regarding dates, dresses, and getting permission to attend. Best friends Jordan, Tara, and Nisha are caught up on the pre-prom mood; all are thrilled to go. Jordan has the perfect dress and date and, being a gorgeous blonde cheerleader, will probably be prom queen; but lately, after having met a different guy, she’s having doubts if prom queen is really what she wants. Tara is the head of the prom committee, but her other prom plans aren’t turning out so nicely; she can’t even find a decent dress or date – until a secret admirer starts texting her. Nisha’s afraid her strict Indian parents won’t let her go to the dance, seeing they forbid her to date, but Nisha’s determined to go with her boyfriend (the one her parents don’t know about). As prom date looms ever closer, these girls’ lives will change as well.

    Once Upon a Prom: Dream was overall a very cute book, but very average. There wasn't really anything that made this novel stand out from other girly books I've read. There are the boy drama and fashion dilemmas classic to chick lit. The only thing that was missing was the friendship spats, and I hate to say this, but I actually think that a fight amongst the friends would've made the story more realistic because these three friends seemed really different from each other. I wasn't always rooting for the characters either: Tara came off as a shallow girl, Jordan seemed very confused, and Nisha couldn't get her priorities straight. If there's one thing in the characters I could admire, it was their persistence in what they believed in.

    This novel is good if you're only looking for a short and light read, because the story isn't particularly meaningful. Once Upon a Prom: Dream was not one of my favorite novels and not one that I'd recommend unless you are a devotee to all things chick lit.

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  8. Stephanie Stephanie says:

    The first book in the Once Upon A Prom series was good. Not great, but good. The plot was centered around pointless teenage drama. The book was about three seniors preparing themselves for prom. The girls undergo a lot of changes within the four weeks before the end of high school. (They're best friends, then they're not... they break up then make up with their boyfriends... etc.)The story was not all that intriguing and at times was quite boring. The ending was actually good, however, because the book leads right into the next Once Upon A Prom Dress, and the dilemma between the three friends continues.

  9. Jazzie Suknanan Jazzie Suknanan says:

    The first book in a 3 book series. I really liked this book alot it tells of three best friends: Jordan,the gorgeous popular girl in school who's a shoo-in for prom queen and dating the gorgeous quaterback of the football team, Tara, the bossy head of prom commitee who just can't seem to find the right guy, and sweet Nisha who's dating her beloved Brian against her parents' wishes. Soon Jordan begins to rebel and refuses tog o to prom with her friends, Tara gets a mysterious admirer who keeps texting her, only to find out it's the dorkiest boy in school! Nisha's parents won't even let her go to prom!

  10. Lei Lei says:

    This is once my favorite book and it's about a group of teenagers looking for their perfect prom dress to the senior prom. The best friends Jordan, Tara and Nisha have been waiting for this day a long time. However, until the day comes, there are little twists with their boyfriends. It's not only about love, but friendship too. Whenever one girl is having trouble, the other helps out. I like the way it's in the third person perspective and I get to learn about the girls very clearly. I also like how it has a time frame on the top of each chapter that shows when the prom will be.