This book was okay but predictable I guessed the ending in the first few chapters It reads just like a Law and Order Special Victims Unit story but much easier to figure out Lillian is likeable and I was glad to see her overcome her many issues Michael was the typical loveable cop who falls in love with her and will protect her at all costs but almost fails It was an easy read if anyone is looking for one But for a cop story is doesn t keep you on the edge of your seat Too predictable. Captivating Romantic Suspenes that will keep you on the edge of your seat right from the start. LILLIAN S LOVE, located in the small town of Stony Point, is a concrete symbol of Lillian Baxter s new life and new hope Physical proof that life goes on despite her nearly fatal past Until two New Jersey detectives show up They are on the hunt for a man responsible for two separate murders and Lillian knows their suspect well Detective Michael Fields works for the Sheriff s Department and their BCI Unit Michael understands and accepts Lillian s reservations and he vows to protect her, make her see that she is not alone this time despite Lillian s refusal of help Her persistence to handle things on her own may cause the destruction and death of those around her, Lillian s own life as well as LILLIAN S LOVE a symbol of hope, freedom and one woman s enduring sacrifice