Many of the political issues we struggle with today have their roots in the US ConstitutionHusbandandwife team Cynthia and Sanford Levinson take readers back to the creation of this historic document and discuss how contemporary problems were first introducedthen they offer possible solutions Think Electoral College, gerrymandering, even the Senate Many of us take these features in our system for granted But they came about through haggling in an overheated room in , and we're still experiencing the ramificationsEach chapter in this timely and thoughtful exploration of the Constitution's creation begins with a storyall but one of them truethat connects directly back to a section of the document that forms the basis of our society and government From the awardwinning team, Cynthia Levinson, children's book author, and Sanford Levinson, constitutional law scholar, Fault Lines in the Constitution will encourage exploration and discussion from young and old readers alike Engaging, solid nonfiction read! I appreciated the graphics, inserts, and quotes, and the way the information is presented I don't know that most teens would necessarily elect to read it on their own, but it would be super handy in an instructional context I plan on sharing with some history/government teachers! I had big plans for this book There are nice things about being married to a Constitutionloving attorney who studied history as an undergraduate He consistently impresses my parents and sister with his Jeopardy and Trivial Pursuit cleverness! A personal tour docent when we travel to Washington DC! I even know how to eFile court documents should I ever want to sue someone! And there are parts that really suck I can never win a single political argument, not one I was convinced this book would be my mighty handbook, and I got bored Seems really good though Dan Rather gave it a glowing review. edited review! I just got a chance to read the newest edition of this fabulous nonfiction book:Cynthia and Sanford Levinson have written an updated version of their fabulous nonfiction book about the flaws in our constitution The two new chapters for this edition include information about presidential pardons and presidential hiring and firing As in the other chapters, the debate is laid out, modern day examples are examined, the original constitutional debate on the topic is examined, and finally the same topic is examined in states, as well as other countries Both chapters include information about the current administration, especially the chapter on hiring and firing given that President Trump has fired so many people in his administration It is interesting to read about the constitutional basis for this presidential power, which was hardwon by President Washington in the early years of our country.The book is updated in other ways to strengthen the authors’ case that our constitution is flawed In chapter 1, to make a point about the lack of federal antilynching legislation due to problems inherent in bicameralism, the authors highlight the 4,384 Black people who were murdered by lynching from 1877 to 1950; the old edition used the time period from 1900 1920 during which time 1,249 Black people were murdered In other places information is updated to reflect new information such as that the issues with the 2020 census in chapter 5; the new edition reflects the fact that the Trump administration attempted to include a citizenship question on the 2020 census Another significant change is in the penultimate chapter, “Grading the Constitution.” Overall the grade given to our consitution has gone down in the last two years from a C to a C for several reasons: threats to national security due to climate change, increased political divisiveness and threats to citizens’ ability to vote.⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️/5 for FAULT LINES IN THE CONSTITUTION by @cylevinson *****I’m in the middle of planning a debate unit for our 8th graders for after they study the constitutional amendments and this book will be one of our main sources It’s SO RICH with information about the debates at the constitutional convention in 1787 and how those debates affect current issues like immigration, gerrymandering, the Electoral College and voting laws I love the comparisons to laws and processes in other countries The authors make a strong case that our constitution needs significant amendments to fix many of our nation’s problems Must buy for all middle and high school libraries! *****#bookstagram #book #reading #bibliophile #bookworm #bookaholic #booknerd #bookgram #librarian #librariansfollowlibrarians #librariansofinstagram #booklove #booktography #bookstagramfeature #bookish #bookaddict #booknerdigans #booknerd #ilovereading #instabook #futurereadylibs #ISTElibs #TLChat Levinson, Cynthia and Sanford Levinson Fault Lines in the Constitution: The Framers, their fights, and the flaws that affect us today, 225 pages Peachtree, 2017 $20.While the Constitution of the United States is a brilliant, groundbreaking document, no document or form of government is absolutely perfect And there is no way the men of 200 plus years ago could predict the changes to our culture, economy, and way of life in the future They did the best they could Levinson and Levinson identify and delve into the shortcomings of the Constitution and explain how those faultlines affect us now.For me this was a very interesting and engaging reading experience A teacher of history could use the information in this book to guide an inclass debate about how well the Constitution of the United States works (or doesn’t work) A teacher could also use the book for ideas in preparing higher order questions for students to consider For me, this book helped me to expand my thinking and at least consider the possibility that there are maybe things that could be improved in the Constitution to help the United States function better and helped me to reflect on the impossible job the Framers had in creating a completely new form of government They couldn’t possibly have thought of everything.Any US History or Government teacher at any level should read this book to further their knowledge of our Constitution and government.MS, HS, GIFT – ESSENTIAL K Abel, US History teacher Engaging, informative, and thoughtprovoking read about our Constitution and the intentions of our Founding Fathers Does it still meet our needs today? In many ways no The writing style makes this book accessible for ages 10 and up. What a great idea for a book for young readers, and for readers of all ages! Perfect for a former political science major like me The book is packed with so many interesting and provocative facts, tidbits from history, issues, and questions It leaves the reader with a great deal to think and to talk with others about regarding the U.S constitution and the myriad of ways that it affects our government and our lives today If Fault Lines is illuminating, it is also distressing There is much about our constitution and government that needs to be fixed, but not much hope that this will happen. This is a great book, both as an intro to the Constitution and as a critique of the USA’s most important governing document. A book that reminds us that the U.S Constitution is not just meant to be revered, but also openly criticized After all, it is a living document that is always seeking to form aperfect union. I learned so much about the US constitution from reading this book I believe everyone in the country needs to read this book so they have a better understanding of how our country works.